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Rakim is Releasing His First Solo Album in More Than 5 Years (Video)


Montreality, with their original and spirited questions, spoke to Rakim, again (after his grabbing 2012 look). Sitting down with the God MC, a lot is covered in less than 10 minutes.

Notably, Rakim confirmed that he is fast at work on his fourth solo studio album. “This is one of those albums where I can have fun. My last album, The Seventh Seal, was somewhat of a conscious album. I wanted to made a statement on that album.” Comparing this to his mixed-reviewed 2009 SMC Recordings effort, Ra’ noted that this one is more “Hip-Hop.” No titles or specific details were added, besides the fact that the MC is aiming for mid-2015 release.

Montreality played J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar for Rakim. It is interesting to watch who many consider the best MC of all-time listen actively to who many consider to be the best MCs of this time. Ra’ is especially grateful to the “January 28th” nod to Rakim and “I Ain’t No Joke.” They also play some To Pimp A Butterfly for the former Aftermath Entertainment artist.

Speaking about the accolades and sales enjoyed by Cole and Kendrick, Rakim states, “We gotta make sure we keep the scale tilted little bit on the trademark Hip-Hop side, and everything else can filter through as well, as long as we stay focused.”

In dissecting the contrasts of age, Rakim argues that the 50 year-olds watching DJ Kool Herc spin in the early ’70s are now in their nineties, stressing that Hip-Hop does not just belong to the young, but rather, is ageless. Additionally, the Long Island, New York legend adds that he feels he is at his sharpest with the mic today, but cites 50% confidence and 50% cockiness as to why.

Lastly, and maybe most interestingly, Rakim turns into a teacher (not unlike his man KRS-One) to explain how the popularized notion of “God” is a lie in his eyes. This is so much deeper than words can do justice, so just scan to the 5:00 mark and take Rakim’s, as he works in the origin of the word, Greek translations, and more to argue his point. All the more interesting, Ra’ is “the God MC.”

Do you think Hip-Hop is ageless?

Check out Rakim in Ambrosia For Heads’ “Finding The GOAT” series, where he and 10 other MCs now enter Round 5 to see who—in the eyes of the people—is the Greatest Of All Time MC.


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between this and de la soul, this is some refreshing news for hip hop!

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