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Self Help- My new short film

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HELLO ALL! After months of work (writing script, filming, lots of driving, money, etc.), I have finally finished my latest video. And I would like to share it with the world. I am well-aware of its flaws. These things become more obvious when you use people that don't love or have the patience for acting/film making. However, this is the biggest project I've ever put together and there's a lot in there that I'm proud, despite some of its rough edges. Hope you guys like it:

I'm sorry it's so long, but that's why I'm calling it a "short film" after all. Comments are greatly appreciated! Edited by Silver Tiger
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I thought the shots..were extremely well thought out..very nice job on that.. great job on the acting too!

rapping in the background over every chase scene..rappin in the background! - hilarious! push ups! hilarious..

loved the scene.. "I am everything you're not"

and i liked the ending.. well written man!

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Oh yeah, I knew going into it that this would probably get less view than most of my videos, despite requiring much more work and time. One of the original reasons for making this video was to come up with content I could put into an acting reel.

Still though, you just want to see reactions when you put this much work into something.

Edited by Silver Tiger
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This is really interesting and a bit quirky. I like then concept though there were a few moments where it seemed like a little too much. The "rapping in the background" thing made me laugh as well as the push-ups...which I did something similar in an old video of mine. The "I barely look any different!" is what made me laugh the most. The things that I get from some of your videos is that I don't know if they are supposed to be serious or funny...which I'm pretty sure is what you are going for.

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Thanks for the feedback, AJ! I appreciate you checking it out. Do you still have that video of yours that you're talking about?

I see what you're saying about the serious/funny aspect. The overall intention of these videos is to be funny without going out of my way to wink at the camera, so to speak. With this one, I added a lot of my own self-criticisms into the script. I realized that it was getting a bit heavy near the end, but I was able to come up with a way to end it on a happier/funnier note.

Thanks again for watching!

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