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Da Brakes

SEMI FINALS: Big Willie vs Brakes (ROUND II)

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* 16 lines each
* 2 days to post your verse (read rules if unclear about this)
* Big Willie to spit first

Edited by Da Brakes

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I’ll stride against you Brakes, your take prosthetic steps like Heather Mills
I kidnapped Jazzy Jeff’s hype man, so there’s no doubting I have ‘Skillz’
Your rap name is an abbreviation of how they describe me lyrically
A Dangerous And Brutal Rapper Always Killing Emcees Simply
Distress signals all over Britain if I let you fly the flag for the UK
They’ll be at half mast like a John McCain Mexican wave
Katie’s not a faithful bride man, she’s more like share a wife
You should ask the date of conception night coz Caleb could be mine
I’m like a 50 year marriage, golden, first place in antagonism
You’re not bronze medal position if there was 3 in the competition
You could be a toked up addict with a crack pipe in your throat
But even If you ejaculated weed you still couldn’t come (cum) dope
‘Business As Usual’ for you is still cleaning the streets
Treat this battle like ‘Brake Yourself’, you’ll never want it to be seen
You had a dying career before this battle, do you know what its gonna be after?
Like an old basketball jersey, retired and hanging from the rafters

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That’s some wishful thinking, Caleb’s cracking up laughing

Coz even he knows you prefer a fellas dick in your arse cheeks

His Mum ain’t no fool… Check the date of conception??

Katie said you was a joke, you couldn’t get an erection

She wanted it rough and raw, you wanted hugs and affection

But when it came down to business, you had to ask for directions

So when I step on the mic, you better learn to agree

His Dictaphone is at the ready with every word that I speak

But Jamie’s new in this game, he ain’t deserving this free

You’re just a carbon copy, whiter, wacker, version of me

“I like that track”,
“Yeah, that tune’s got me zoned!”

“Brakes you’re having a laugh”,

I never said it before coz I hate causing a row

He sends me Facebook messages saying he wants my chocolate balls in his mouth

Silly billy, I really pity Jamie, I’m sitting pretty

I’m a black man, so you just to got dicked by a bigger willie

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Dicked by a bigger willie? Brakes, that line could be genius
If it wasn’t for the fact Katie’s clit is bigger than your penis
She told me ‘you’re superior to Ewan, he couldn’t do me this way’
At least I think she said it to me, I wasn’t the only dude at your place
Coz she treats her legs and crotch like an open buffet for free
Soon as she puts on a spread, then it’s all you can eat
Ask for directions? Well, that part is accurate actually
Coz I had to navigate through all the baby weight she still carries
Dictaphone? Yeah, only so I don’t make the same mistakes
“14 years and no progress, man, you remind me of Da Brakes”
So it’s not a surprise you fabricated record deal lies
Then 3 months later your demise was you’re still unsigned
I may be new to the game, but I’m at a height you’ll never reach
I come to you for advice coz those who can’t teach
You didn’t drop a battle verse, more like a rhythmic suicide note
They’ll only be a third round if the judges make sympathy votes

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Listen you little prick, get some lube and then eat a dick
The only time you’ve seen a clit, is when Mummy made you lick it
You tried to flip my whole verse, made no attempt to be original
Do the math… I gave you 90% of your material
And don’t think I don’t know where you bit those lines from
Drastic actions, become apparent when you battle your icon
Bro I’ve chilled with Jazzy Jeff, busted rhymes with Kel Spence
Own my house, married, I’ve acted and got a kid
I’m super sexy, girlies tell me my pen game is pretty perfect
You’ve achieved Shack Jit, Jamie gimme something to work with
Comparing me to you, I’m really doubting that we’re even
All your tracks sound like you’re rapping with a mouth full of semen
A collab with me and you? Let’s do it … 31st of September
I gotta be honest….. bruv you sound like a sex offender
He likes them young and fresh, a paedo, who’s really a chubby chaser
The only 16’s he plays with, wear skirts and school blazers

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Nothing personal taken with the verses BW! Two no holds barred 16's from yourself! No one has really come at me like that on here before! Had me on my toes!

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Likewise man, I appreciate that. I knew I'd need to come hard to stand a chance. You're the first person to beat me, intense battle bro. You don't mind losing battles like that. Good luck in the final!

I'm still getting at you for a collab though, just not on the date you suggested, haha!

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