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It’s a rhythmic attack as soon as my lyrics get dispatched
I’m pulling you back like the umbilical cord is still attached
Blocking ya skills arteries like it’s a lyrical heart attack
It’s a jail metaphor like you getting arrested for cardiac
Out of this world like Venus, like you getting served like tennis
Feel the wrath of a menace like my first name was Dennis
I'll book you in for surgery to remove my punch lines from your brain
Your style is expressionless like I Botox'd on your mind frame
I could assassinate Bill Gates and ‘Access’ the ‘Outlook’ of myself
As the lyrical Microsoft, coz as a ‘Publisher’ my ‘Words’ ‘Excel’
You can exhale into your hand but you shouldn’t hold your breath
I’ll fill out your death certificate and then sign it with this text
If I made a staircase to my brain you couldn’t step to my demeanour
I’ll just leave you for dead like your girl dumped you for necrophilia
It aint over ‘til the fat lady sings, I’m starting to get bored
So give your mum a call so she can relieve her vocal chords

Good luck Tallen!

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Thats sad man, that was a waste of a round great round..

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