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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - June 28th 1988, Los Angeles California

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
June 29 1988
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles California USA

Will Smith - Fresh Prince
Jeffrey Townes - DJ Jazzy Jeff
Clarence Holmes - Ready Rock C (The Human Beat Box)

01. Get Louder (Intro)
02. Banter One
03. Ready Rock C Human Beat Box Routine
04. Rock the House
05. Banter Three
06. Donkey Kong Beat Box Performance
07. Banter Four
08. Nightmare on My Street
09. Parents Just Don't Understand
10. Banter Five
11. Brand New Funk
12. Brand New Funk Continued

Notes: Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff were on top of their game in 1988. The duo won a Grammy in 1989 for "Best Rap Performance" with "Parents Just Don't Understand."
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I got this years ago but I'm glad it's up here for everyone to experience.

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