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Reviving my music career...

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You know, people often say that today's music lack meaningful lyrics and intelligent messages, so I started a career as The Educational Rapper and have already released two songs;

This first track is about the radio mast in Warsaw, Poland. My issue with this track is that it is potentially racist against black's, white's and polacks and probably derogatory against Al Gore and maybe it's dissing the nineties in some way as well. It is also quite possibly that it's sort of hailing all those things. I don't know.

Do you remeber the Warsaw Radio Mast?
Of all the buildings, it was the highest
Sixhundred and forty six meters tall,
It was the biggest of them all
It was the cock of a thousand negroes,
No white trash chick weighed those kilos
Designed by Jan Polak in nineteen seventy four
It was twenty six years yonger than Al Gore

Warsaw (radio mast)
Warsaw (radio mast)
Warsaw (radio mast)

But one day in ninetyninety one, **** fell down
They were changing wires and it fell down
Some people died and some people cried
Poland was in a shock and lit candles of light
They planned to put it back,
But the local residents thought it was wack
So if you wanna see it you gotta relax
Lean back and imagine it while hearin this track

The second song is about some kind of ugly flightless bird from New Zeeland called Kakapo.

There is a bird named kakapo
It lives on New Zeeland yes it do
Its sort of a parrot with no wings
It can walk but can't do other things
I dont know what it smells like
But I know it looks totally alright
It might taste well, I dont know
But if i had the chance I would have a go


Then the cat came to New Zeeland
It came there and got the Kakapo eaten
So they moved the bird to some island
And now it seems it will stay alive yeah
Theres about a hundred of them now
And they all got different names, wow
The government of New Zeeland likes them
and offer them all kind of protection

What do ya'll think? After all... I don't know people that got better taste of rap than you. Edited by Simon Lerkot Berglind
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The flow was phenomenal! I couldn't tell if that was you or Rakim at some points.

:pound: That quote caught me off guard...I laughed out loud.

Regarding the music, I'm sure that if I could vomit from my ears in reverse, it would feel a lot like listening 2 those songs....but in a good way. The beats were definitely creative. I like them a lot. :laugh:

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Lerkot is creative and talented, I remember the old times here in the forum. But it is very difficult to do a short rap song about a topic like an anthena or a bird, no matter how cool the beats are.. So cut him a break. We do expect some improvement soon man.

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