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Big Willie

Industry of Angels

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Before anyone says anything, audio is on its way, I know I've been saying that a long time, but it's actually true this time, lol. It wont be long I promise.

This is a song about artists who have passed away in the Industry, written to Tupac - Dear Mama instrumental.

Industry of Angels

I remember September ’96 when Pac got shot

It felt like music lost the heart of hip hop

His legacy always has me feeling sentimental

And that’s the reason why I’m rapping on his instrumental

Only thing I hope is to bring justice to the track

Write a letter, “Dear Mama can you bring Pac back?

And why you’re at it bring Biggie along for the ride

Coz since they died hip hop’s been on a downhill slide”

Confrontation, altercations stunted both their growth

Consumed by a beef that became bigger than them both

All we have left is the message of their success

Always remember me and prove there’s life after death

‘02 in the studio Jay was doing what he loved

Jam Master lived for music now he’s cutting up above

I was sad ‘til I remembered what Run and D said

Replaying in my head “You’ll see Jay again my friend”

I didn’t know much about him before he passed away

But needless to say I’m missing Eazy E today

A drug dealing gangbanger taken from us by AID’s

But I’m just glad he patched it up with Ice Cube and Dre

I give Meth huge respect for still reppin’ the scene

But Wu Tang aint the same without ODB

True legends to the culture prematurely deceased

J-Dilla sleep well, Roc Raider rest in peace


Silhouettes of Angels forming in the darkest of skies

Not walking the earth, but still in our lives

The memories that you gave us are infinite

I feel the spirit around me when I grace the MIC

A part of me actually wants to embrace the fatal

Because I wanna live in an industry of angels

I wrote this verse on the day Michael Jackson passed away

And to be honest I really didn’t know what to say

I been wracking my brain searching for words to conserve

Probing vocabularies to put words to a verse

But nothing dispersed; I was left searching for clues

Coz when you passed a part of me died with you too

It wasn’t Neil Armstrong, M.J, it was you

Who taught me it was possible to walk on the moon

Motown 25 when you took to the stage

You stole the hearts of millions regardless of age

And though your flames burnt out I’ll ignite the embers

Coz when you left it felt like a family member

But when heartache fades and the tears start to dry

We won’t remember your death; we’ll celebrate your life

I wasn’t born in your heyday, but figured it out soon

I think it’s safe to say I moonwalked from the womb

Wearing white socks, leather jacket, thriller mask

And a shimmering white glove on the right of my hands

I swear there’s unborn babies still developing genes

In their mother’s stomachs dancing to Billie Jean

I saw this kid with his grandfather walking the streets

Asked ‘em both who they considered music’s elite

To see past generations music up to today

They just smiled and both replied “M.J”


Now its moments like this when I start to reminisce

On how things have changed and how I want to relive

The moments of my life when Big L was MVP

And Left Eye was still rocking with TLC

I give it up to Aaliyah for working with Slick Rick

When Bug Pun was on the come up 100%

Back when I was a kid I wasn’t a GTA fanatic

But now I really wish I was rapping with Mr Magic

I may have missed their prime but I got love for ‘em too

I’d give anything to see Elvis wearing blue suede shoes

Or feel good with James Brown and start to lose control

So I could really get down with the godfather of soul

I kind of feel inadequate as I write this song

But before Freddie left he said the show must go on

Marvin Gaye in your lifetime you gave us midnight love

And my respect for Luther will never be too much

More than a tribute to the people in the poem

But a collective salute to all the legends there has been

Cant explain the impression there’s too many to mention

Just trust me when I say you’re still teaching me lessons


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Fantastic man! For a moment there remind me of Game, but this is written with more intelligence, with more heart and I want to hear the vocals for this soon!

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This is very well written, especially that 1st verse like Turntable mentioned

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