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Music Buisness Panel

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Music Buisness Panel 101

written by mike petrow - 12/11/08

So its 1:43 in the AM. this music buisness panel happened technically yesterday, it was at about 10. So, lemme explain.

the 6th element (hip hop club at Hofstra) set up a panel of radio DJs to come and talk about the music buisness and answer questions. there was DJ GeeSpin and DJ Whutevva from 105.1, Cipha Sounds from Hot97 and, DJ Chuck Chillout from 98.7. There was also another guy who isnt on this poster and i dont remember his name. He worked with Michael Jackson and other awesome acts. If you are reading thing, i greatly apologize for not knowing your name.

so this panel is going smooth, the first cool thing tha happens is Chuck Chillout asks how many hip hop artists there are in the audience and many people, including myself, raise their hand. I was in the front row, rocking a suite and tie. So when i raised my hand, my whiteness had to have stood out becuase Chuck pointed right at me and goes "you rap?" i reply, "yes" he says whats your rap name and i said "mike Petrow" then he goes "aw man. Mike Petrow, Mike Petrow, Mike Petrow, i like that, Mike Petrow." so right away im glowing at how cool that is.

second cool thing. now we are back into questions and one girl asks a question about singing artists opposed to rappers. i belive it was GeeSpin, maybe Chuck who was responding but he asked her if she was a singer and she said yes. so he asks her to sing. she didnt seem to into it and then everybody started clapping and she was peer pressured into it. not bad at all, she sang come rain or shine, a traditional song i believe. which was ironic becuase i sampled Sinatras version of it.

so after she sits down, whoever asked her to sing asked if there were any rappers in the room. i look around. not one hand. where were all the people who raised their hands before? wimps. so my hand shoots up and Chuck points at me once again, "give this kid a mic." and then i rock the first 8 lines from Taking Time. during it i hear honest chuckles from some lines and perhaps a "oohh" or two. but that cause be wishful thinking. so i finish and i get an applause and sit down. then Chuck looks at me gives me a thumbs up and says that took guts. pimp.

Last cool thing was handing out my mixtapes. i gave one to GeeSpin, one to Chuck, who learned that Mike Petrow was my actual name and thought it was dope. then one to the 5th panel member who i cant remember his name (sorry again) and he asked me if my number was in the case. which i took for a good thing. then i gave it to some guy who had a card with def jam on it and apparently he runs a studio somewhere close..i think. but he asked if i was a producer and said that they needed producers. sick. i want to say that he said he was going to check mine out first but that could have been my imagination.

so thats all the cool things. i mean these two girls who just got signed rapped.. they sucked in my mind. one was like a girl version of me, awkward and lanky. except she moved alot more, making it even weirder. and in the crowd was also producers who made g-unit and 50 cent beats and two reps from def jam.. i wonder if that is who i gave my cd to. anyway it was a very exciting evening. afterwards i went to a formal dance and after that i watched spaceballs. which then leads me to now.

if there was one thing i learned at the panel was take any chance you get and go hard. everybody starts at the bottom and in order to get anywhere you gotta "eat **** and sleep it".

knock on wood

-mike petrow

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this all happened. in case you thought it was some fictional thing i made up. (in response to your response)

Edited by Mike

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