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Jada & Mary J. Blige

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Thats actually not new news.. but sorta old. To be honest, I was all up on this hype when I first saw Wiill and Jada backing it, and I went and bought a 4 0z bottle of Hair Milk, and a 4 oz jar of Mimosa Hair Butter,... and tho The hair butter smells real pretty, I had to drive too far for this overpriced stuff. I personally think its too pricy for the average person, especially driving 40 minutes with these gas prices to get it. nope. I can get something MUCH healthier from the Beauty supply for cheaper, and not have to drive to only ONE location in Los Angeles that sell it. Thats not convenient for me... If its gonna be marketed, make it more easily available for those ppl willing to PAY the prices...

I love Jada and Mary... and this may be multi million dollar deal to fatten up their pockets in the long run...but got DAMN... think about the po folks for a change .sh!t.

any offense taken?? oh WELL....whutever.




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