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Will Smith hosts Mandela's 90th birthday party in London this summer

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It's Nelson Bandela in Hyde Park

Published: 07 Mar 2008

NELSON MANDELA will be Gettin’ Jiggy when WILL SMITH hosts his 90th birthday party in London this summer.


I can reveal the Fresh Prince and wife, actress JADA PINKETT SMITH, will front the bash in Hyde Park to honour the former South African president.

The event is being set up by Mandela’s 46664 campaign against Aids team after he chose London for his 90th celebration.


Brits RAZORLIGHT and KEANE have signed up to join QUEEN and ANNIE LENNOX on the bill.

U2, the SPICE GIRLS and SIRPAUL McCARTNEY have also been approached to perform.

And there could even be a very controversial cherry on the statesman’s birthday cake.

Organisers are trying to tempt EMINEM out of retirement to play the June 27 gig.

I’m not sure what the birthday boy will think of the rapper’s inclusion.

Eminem’s lyrics have been slammed as homophobic, misogynist and promoting violence.

An insider revealed: “Will Smith is a big fan of Nelson and wanted to help out. Nelson is so inspirational and so many artists want to be involved. Razorlight and Keane are definites.

And U2, the Spice Girls and Macca could join them.

“We think it will be Mr Mandela’s last official international public appearance, which will make it more special.

Eminem’s up for it too. People will be surprised. He’s not someone you’d expect to play a Mandela charity gig.”

The 45,000 tickets for the show will be sold using a Glastonbury-style online registration system.

Princes WILLIAM and HARRY and ex-US president BILL CLINTON and wife HILLARY are expected to be in the crowd.

But it’s the Eminem idea that interests me. I’m not sure he was quite the vibe Nelson was looking for at his party.

Maybe Em’s mellowed after his recent health scare and plans to do some slushy ballads.


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That'd be big if JJFP did a performance there

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I don't think Mandela would want Eminem to perform to be honest, lol. And I really can't see him going to a Will Smith hosted event if it can be avoided. It's def. the perfect event for a JJFP performance, I can certanly see them doing Summertime. I really don't trust 'The Sun' but does anyone know for sure if it's being televised over there?

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