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  1. There’s 4 on the Aladdin soundtrack, just don’t know the names for all of them yet.
  2. pudge104

    Hidden area

    Is it still active?
  3. Yeah it’s so good, they took a lot of care with it. The guy who remastered it was taking about it in another forum, they are really proud. Good to get all of those 12” Remix tracks in cd quality.
  4. It’s been out a couple of weeks. I got the cd when it came out, vinyl is being released next month. First time the whole album is on cd, unedited. It sounds great.
  5. pudge104

    was there a video for "Nightmare"?

    That’s my point. There is no vinyl of any sort that has this song listed. I don’t think it exists. It’s kinda like the “bonus” song someone tacked to the end of the Homebase tracklisting on wiki that was false as well.
  6. pudge104

    was there a video for "Nightmare"?

    Since this Nightmare thread is close to the top, I’ll post here. On wiki, under the Nighmare Single there lists a Rave Mix. I can’t find where that song really exists anywhere, does it?
  7. pudge104


    Hey everyone, is this list updated, or is still there still more to add?