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  1. So Will isn't doing anything right now..

    if anything he isnt taking his career/life for granted hes actually living it, hes worked for what hes got and should be able to enjoy it gotta respect him for that, hell put something out when he feels its right
  2. For any serious collectors....

    some of my most prized items :( - Girls aint' nothing but trouble - 1st pressing sealed and signed (as the fresh prince) He's the DJ i'm the rapper 2x platinum RIAA award Rock The House 12" LP signed by both He's The DJ i'm the rapper 12" LP signed by both DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Back for more 12"LP sealed Thats just to name a few of the rare ones, i have so many more items, ill put some pictures up of all the items next Saturday if your interested
  3. Hi all Its come to that day unfortunately where it looks like im going to have to part with my 12 year collection of JJFP stuff :( , me and the battle-axe are going to be buying a house this year and its going to help towards the deposit. Before going to eil for an appraisal i was wondering if anyone is interested in some of the more rarer items i have available, as i reckon you guys would appreciate these things alot more.
  4. $61 / £49 shipped to the UK, tempted but found it more unique to get one in person
  5. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    indeed, thats my mug shot all up close haha
  6. 2016 Tour Dates

    for bestival your looking at £200 for a ticket, then you gotta pay to get there and stay which costs loads more during that weekend plus food,im pretty sure they would be in london next year!
  7. Recreating the JJFP Site

    ill try and get family christmas etc added to youtube this week sometime so you can add to the page
  8. dedication, but hes thedj is easily top 5
  9. im down for the london trip! every time ive been at one of jeffs gigs someone from this board has been there aswell, i just dont find out until afterwards lol, 2016 is gonna be a good year for JJFP. As for Bad Boys 3 100%it wont be until 2017/2018 unfortunately :(
  10. Will Smith with Zane Lowe

    one thing summed it up for me in that interview......30 songs and the WORLD TOUR WITH JEFF :O
  11. Will Smith with Zane Lowe

    haha just got home and was about to post this, heard about the interview coming up for a few days now
  12. The Magnificent 3

    if Will doesnt make an appearance after all this talk id be massively surprised!,id like LL Cool J, Mac Miller, Run Dmc, Atmosphere, Oddisee and DJ Q-Bert
  13. Back in the UK in April

    doesnt look like he's coming to the south west for this part of the tour, have to wait till next year hopefully!
  14. Will working with Drake?

    pictured with drake and kanye on his fb account, his reference probably says it all
  15. Cataloguing

    New Link-