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  1. JJFP Live, Sunday August 27th Blackpool, England

    VIP, unsure wether to stay or not although it is a 4 hour drive back
  2. Cheers Neil but we all gotta be in there, ill get that ticket ill just go to the vip for the free drink a few snacks and the lanyard, head down to the circle after
  3. Super rare tape found

    its something different because they had The Originals as well which i picked up at the same time
  4. Super rare tape found

    Looks like i found a gem here, awaiting delivery from America, i cant find any info about this online but its the same design company who did The Originals cassette Anyone got any info on this??
  5. good for me i might be able to get a golden circle ticket in a few months haha
  6. thats amazing, congrats!
  7. -Hes the dj im the rapper -I Wanna Rock -Brand New Funk -The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Think im gonna have to buy a separate golden circle ticket
  8. Ill do that if they post the tickets to me early enough
  9. No idea i cant find any map either, seems strange i cant access all areas since im paying the higher price
  10. Nope, got an email confirmation that i cannot enter the golden circle via the VIP area enjoy guys
  11. Can't exchange my tickets but asked if i can access the golden circle with a VIP ticket , don't see why i wouldn't be allowed in
  12. Im gonna kick myself if i cant get in there now!
  13. Sent them an email seeing if i can switch tickets, hopefully it wont be an issue
  14. dammit i got VIP, i reckon i could get in the circle though with it
  15. anyone going VIP?