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  1. -Hes the dj im the rapper -I Wanna Rock -Brand New Funk -The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Think im gonna have to buy a separate golden circle ticket
  2. Ill do that if they post the tickets to me early enough
  3. No idea i cant find any map either, seems strange i cant access all areas since im paying the higher price
  4. Nope, got an email confirmation that i cannot enter the golden circle via the VIP area enjoy guys
  5. Can't exchange my tickets but asked if i can access the golden circle with a VIP ticket , don't see why i wouldn't be allowed in
  6. Im gonna kick myself if i cant get in there now!
  7. Sent them an email seeing if i can switch tickets, hopefully it wont be an issue
  8. dammit i got VIP, i reckon i could get in the circle though with it
  9. Its 3-4 hours for me, does anyone wanna meet up when we are there? try and get some backstage passes ;)
  10. Getting my ticket tomorrow morning for live wire whose going?
  11. Will on Carpool Karaoke multiple sources about this, seems like this is when they will be on
  12. For any serious collectors....

    Yer pretty rare to come by now, If your interested drop me a PM
  13. Homebase: The Remixes Album on Youtube???!!!

    The Remix album is also on Spotify, 6 x remixes of summertime, 8 x remixes of ring my bell and 7 x remixes of the things that u do, 1 x saw my blinker remix and a 5 minute version of yo home to bel air
  14. So Will isn't doing anything right now..

    if anything he isnt taking his career/life for granted hes actually living it, hes worked for what hes got and should be able to enjoy it gotta respect him for that, hell put something out when he feels its right