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  1. Dreamgirl

    What Are You Listening To? XVIII

    I mostly like jazz and specially like will and sakira.They are god for me.
  2. Dreamgirl

    Jazzy Jeff Playing Southport Weekender

    He is party rocker i enjoyed that show alot.Had a lot if fun.
  3. Dreamgirl

    Will Smith for James Bond 007

    I am thrilled to hear this.This will be the dream come true for me.
  4. Dreamgirl


    Thanks fr the list now ican download it frm a website.I really like will.He is the sweetest.
  5. Dreamgirl

    Best books and DVDS

    I ordered the dvd but have not yet got it but i am looking forward to it.
  6. Dreamgirl

    Fav Track on Lost and Found?

    He is really a real act of an icon and his music is keep getting better and better.