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  1. Men in Black 3

    I'm a little bit scared with that movie... It's quite a risk to make a third movie of MIB 10 years after the second, which was not really good... And it's the same thing with Bad Boys.
  2. I re-upload this, on Megaupload
  3. Fresh Prince Season 6.

    They're releasing it because they released the fourth firsts seansons, so they can't unreleased seasons 5 & 6. But it's obvious they're doing it just because of that. And it's too bad.
  4. Fresh Prince Season 6.

    3 disc means not a lot of bonus! Maybe there are, but I'm dreaming about a whole bunch of bonus!
  5. but... when will we hear it??
  6. Did somebody bought the UK version ? I think there is english and french subs (on this picture ), but I don't know if there is french language :( Somebody to tell me if there is please ? Thanks in advance ! PS : I'm trying to find the perfect version with fr & eng language and subs, and I'm sure at 99,9% that I will never watch in french version... but I'm not surprised, I'm always like that :D EDIT Sh** I didn't noticed this one was US version not UK...
  7. Fresh Prince Season 6.

    Good news ! But I don't think it will be released in France... we still don't have season 5...
  8. HAPPY 2011!

    Happy new year everybody ! I don't think 2011 will be better than 2010 for me :( :( :( and 2011 starts quite bad :( but we'll see !
  9. This is why I think we will never see others Will songs, or album. He is more managing his kids careers now.
  10. JJFP Interview (1988)

    I don't think a person will say "I'm young and stupid" ! The maturity is to say "I'm stupid" if, in fact, you are ! But anyway, good interview !
  11. Willow Smith : Whip My Hair

    I don't think it has been posted before (maybe I missed it) Official Behind The Scenes of "Whip My Hair" with the whole Smith's family
  12. Dum Dum Diddy!

    What is it?