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  1. added a post in a topic: Suicide Squad   

    I tought about Will and his new movies. And i´m sure that "After Earth" changes him a bit.

    He has make "After Earth" instead of "Django". After Earth was a flop on the cinemas. Django hit the lists worldwide. It's the second time that he make a wrong choice.
    (He did "Wild Wild West" instead of "Matrix")

    And see? Hes gone to make Deadshot, he is playing small roles in a few movies (Winters Tale, great and unpredicted role, Anchorman, havent seen it yet). So he plays in movies where he can't set changes in the story or something like that. He even stopped to push his son to set him in movies with him. (Haven't heard any new on that)

    Am I wrong about that?
  2. added a post in a topic: Will & Jada Divorce Rumours   

    A bra is not really something other than a bikini... and no one cares about seeing other woman in bikini... i dont believe anything this lowlevel mag is writing.
  3. added a post in a topic: Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic   

    I dont think that Willow is starring in that movie. She decided to make a career as singer and is actually making nothing because it was too much for her.

    Didn´t Will Smith tell that he wont push his kids until they want it themselve? So i dont think this is gonna happen. Im hoping not!

    (And maybe: She is too old for that kind of magic!)
  4. added a post in a topic: BACK TO BACK ID4 SEQUELS - WILL SMITH LOCKED?   

    The rumor is: There waiting for Will Smith ^^
  5. added a post in a topic: After Earth Box Office   

    #3 in first week in Germany.

    Around 175.000 visitors. Its one of the worst result for a movie with Will Smith in Germany!
  6. added a post in a topic: Annie remake   

    Well... they do let there kids be kids if they want to!

    Willow has quit her career for a while a few months ago. The Smiths cancel then (3 or 4 days before it) a performance on a party from Beyonce and Jay-Z. Willow told in an interview later:
    I had a lot fun with singing and dancing but its also a lot stress. I told my parents that i need a break... to be more a kid on my age. They agreed.

    So i dont know that this criticism is fair or correct researched. I dont know yet where i read it. But i can search for it if anybody want that. ;)
  7. added a post in a topic: Our reviews of After Earth   

    Short: 7/10

    Long: Give me a while for it ;)

    In German (or faster way): or the new fb site: and then run it trough your translator if you want ;)
  8. added a post in a topic: After Earth Box Office   

    Nah. He got a bit more then "a good percentage deal" because he is one of the producers who pays the most (with Overbrook). (Or not?!)
  9. added a post in a topic: After Earth Box Office   

    Moviejones here in Germany gives AE 3 of 5 Points. (Not that negative then in US)

    But they say that Will Smith has made his worst movie, they never saw him acting so bad. That sounds very... i dont know. Im in it on Monday.
  10. added a post in a topic: Will answered my question! :)   

    Great Ale! I have posted this on my FB Site from BWS!
  11. added a post in a topic: Annie remake   

    Yes, thats ok. I think Willow is totally "in love" with her music career that she dont want to be an actress... at that moment.

    But if Overbrook is still involved in producing this i def. have a look on it!
  12. added a post in a topic: Men in Black 3   

    Im was waiting sooo long for the MIB BDs... but i want a great version. Steelbook. Collectors... whatever. Like the silverbox on DVD. So i wait again... for a good version of the BDs... the movies worth it!
  13. added a post in a topic: 1997 Revisited: Will Smith's Big Willie Style   

    Great article! Big-Willie-Style was and is one of the best music albums for me. And its the reason why I called my fansite Big-Will-Smith (BWS).
  14. added a post in a topic: MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide   

    When you look @ the total visitors... it is ;) 3D extra cash make 1/3 of the final box office. Remember that. But: Forget it.

    (But i still hope: They DONT have to make mib4...)
  15. added a post in a topic: MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide   

    Total viewers in germany:

    Thats more then "The Avengers": 2.226.537

    Thats awesome that mib3 hit avengers here.