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  1. Gloves

    Official Facebook

    im a fan
  2. Gloves

    Will On Tv!

  3. Gloves

    "Seven Pounds" is next.

    good movie
  4. Gloves

    New album

    I dont know when he will release an album but I think it will happen eventually cuz Will has a passion for music and I think passion is dying to get out
  5. Gloves

    Hip Hop Honors 2008

    JJFP have had some of the biggest influences on society and i think they deserved to honored
  6. Gloves

    Impact of Lost and Found

    I think Will will come back and he'll come back strong
  7. I think Will will be back and he'll come back with a hot cd
  8. Gloves

    Will Mentioned in New Common Song.

    Will is a great influence on society and doesnt get as much credit as he deserves
  9. Gloves

    Fav Track on Lost and Found?

    Tell Me Why is definitely the best it is a great song with a great meaning
  10. Gloves

    So what did everyone think of Hancock?

    I loved Hancock. I thought it was Will Smith at his best. It was hilarious and had a great storyline. I give it 2 thumbs up!!!!
  11. Gloves

    Big Will VS Fresh Prince

    I want him to stay Will Smith. he has released some great songs under Will Smith, and I want him to continue
  12. Gloves

    Will unsure about new record..

    This is great news. This gives me hope that there will be a new album. I hope its coming soon.
  13. Gloves

    Will Smith will be Barack Obama

    I don't think anyone could play Obama other than Will
  14. I hope he goes on a full tour this summer and comes to a bunch of major cities
  15. Gloves

    fpoba commercial with Bo Jackson

    Ha thats sweet. Thanks for the post
  16. Gloves

    I, Robot 2

    It might be unnecessary but it would be cool. I, Robot was a great action movie and I think a sequel would be sweet
  17. Gloves

    Will @ the MTV Movie Awards

    That's hilarious
  18. I've read rumors of a Men in Black 3. Does anyone know if this true and if it is, when would it be coming out. It would be sweet. The two Men in Black movies are 2 of my favorite movies.
  19. Gloves

    Bad Boys 3!

    Bad Boys 3 would be sick. I would have to see it at the midnight showing
  20. Gloves

    Fresh Prince Faves!

    My favorite line is on the episode that Will's friend comes and auditions for a comedy club. The friend hits on a girl and Will says, "Is this abrasive negro bothering you ma'am?"
  21. Gloves


    I didn't know that she had kids.
  22. Gloves

    born to reign

    Its a great album and deserves more respect than it gets
  23. Gloves

    Game Respects Will In Song 'Pain'

    I'm glad Game respected Will. It's about time he got some love instead of getting dissed for not using bad language in his songs. Game is a good rapper and this song is ill