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  1. Official Facebook

    im a fan
  2. Will On Tv!

  3. "Seven Pounds" is next.

    good movie
  4. hey, happy bday!!

  5. haha that was so funny
  6. New album

    I dont know when he will release an album but I think it will happen eventually cuz Will has a passion for music and I think passion is dying to get out
  7. Hip Hop Honors 2008

    JJFP have had some of the biggest influences on society and i think they deserved to honored
  8. Impact of Lost and Found

    I think Will will come back and he'll come back strong
  9. I think Will will be back and he'll come back with a hot cd
  10. Will Mentioned in New Common Song.

    Will is a great influence on society and doesnt get as much credit as he deserves
  11. Fav Track on Lost and Found?

    Tell Me Why is definitely the best it is a great song with a great meaning
  12. So what did everyone think of Hancock?

    I loved Hancock. I thought it was Will Smith at his best. It was hilarious and had a great storyline. I give it 2 thumbs up!!!!
  13. Big Will VS Fresh Prince

    I want him to stay Will Smith. he has released some great songs under Will Smith, and I want him to continue
  14. Will unsure about new record..

    This is great news. This gives me hope that there will be a new album. I hope its coming soon.