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  1. Was the Fiesta Remix a flop?

    If you think that this track wasn't big success for what it was, you really don't understand the modern music industry. Millions of clicks, multiple appearances on all the big blogs, a Beats1 World Record - that's big.Single charts are largely for acts catering to soccer moms andtweens.
  2. Big Ted's Favorite Hip Hop Of 2015

    01. Spraynard - Mable (Emo/Punk/Alternative) 02. J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive (Hip Hop) 03. Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material (Country) 04. Fetty Wap - Fetty Wap (Hip Hop) 05. Fashawn - The Ecology (Hip Hop) 06. Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn (Hip Hop) 07. August Alsina - This Thing Called Life (R&B) 08. Dr. Dre - Compton (Hip Hop) 09. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Surf (Jazz/Hip Hop/Soul/Electronic) 10. Tinashe - Amethyst (R&B) Yes, I'm putting Pusha T on there purely based on faith. Haven't listened to Gibbs yet and I haven't given enough to theMac Miller album and the Oddisee album, but whatever.
  3. It's probably national vs internationalnumbers
  4. ​I'm very much of the same opinion. He doesn't need to preach it, per se, but I think that there's no gain or benefit to him doing it, so why start now? I almost think he didn't say the word completely, but the point remains that he has so much equity built up in how he's approached rhyming that I would hate to see it dropped. Especially now that people have really moved away fromhardlyrics. No one is clamoring for the G-Unit types anymore. If anything, much of popular hip hop has gotten over the "coolness" of a curse. ​what about the success of the straight up compton movie and the success of the new dr dre album? there's still some gangsta rap in mainstream today ​I think those are outliers. Important ones, absolutely, but not the trend. They all come back to a group that paved the way in that realm. It's not critical mass like it was ten years ago, where it's the norm. ​ExceptFetty Wap's album and singles dominate everything this year. And YG made huge waves in 2014. Gangsta Rap is as big as it always was. The difference is that modern listening habits and distribution platforms allow for more than one thing to be big, which was not so much the case in '04.
  5. This interview is amazing. Some people who are stuck in the past when it comes to Hip Hop and Will's music might be surprised.
  6. Jeff and Rizzle Kicks - Summertime remake

    ​as 90's as it might look the fashion is very contemporary too
  7. Cataloguing

    Same here, error
  8. New MC Hammer video "Don't Go", DEEP!

    It could also be that he is just one of those rapers that cannot get their ish together to properly tackled all that has to be done. It happens way too often.
  9. Will on new Kanye Album "So Help Me God"

    They have been in the studio together so music exists

    I like it
  11. June 25, 2002 Born To Reign Was Released

    I think it is a good album. I guess it is just not the Will Smith people wanted at the time, which is why it has a bad reputation. That never affected me though. I do think some of the production was very much a product of it's time and did not age very well, for example songs like Act Like You Know. However, songs like Maybe, 1000 Kisses and Block Party are still some of my favorite songs of all time. Especially 1000 Kisses and Maybe exemplify what is still so great about the album. This album was never about spitting and ironically the songs that focus less on that turned out to be the most timeless ones, at least in my opinion. My favorite track is probably Nothing On My Mind, which sadly wasn't on all versions of the album. Also, I love Tra-Knox.

    Pitchfork named it best new song
  13. I guess I mostly listen to and buy CDs because I do most my music listening in my car and I have no option to hook up a phone or anything like that.
  14. My cable company pays for my Spotify so that is what I use. It is very useful, especially to check out new albums or to listen to some albums or songs you don't really want to own because you'll be done with them after a few times. However, I'm not sure I would pay for it myself, cause I might as well spend those 120€ a year on CD's. I might sign up to Apple Music because all my music basically runs through iTunes and because theirfamily sharing policy is amazing. Suddenly it's 5€ or less a person a month to use it, which is pretty damn great. As for buying music, I usually buy CD's because they are often actually no more than 10€ these days, which means buying them digitallyisn't even cheaper. For some records, I buy the vinyl copies, which now usually come with a digital code and often do not cost more than like 15€. I buy less than I used to, but not because of streaming, just because I realized I bough too many CDs and actually listened to too few of them.
  15. New MC Hammer video "Don't Go", DEEP!

    Good song.. the video on the other hand