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  1. Chief


    awww... I can feel the love...good to see you too schnazz. :)
  2. Chief

    Get Well Soon Jeff!!

    no kidding...I fear it will only get worse before we see any relief
  3. Chief


    Checking in...hope everyone is healthy!
  4. Nice recap!! So happy for you guys!!!
  5. Nice....hope they are having a great time!!
  6. been awhile...whats been shaking in here?
  7. Tim banned me because he dont like people that are better than him in FF..:)
  8. Chief

    JJFP NBA Fantasy 2013-14?

    Still looking for DRose Ted lol
  9. Draft in 1/2 hour fellas......
  10. Looks like we got Coz to join to complete the spots......
  11. Ha...So yea.....your question Hero....Anybody else want to pony up some cash for the league this year? Im in.
  12. Chief

    Big Ted VS Turntable Battle

    Shall we try that one again in English please! Dont worry Dabrakes, Visqo had a stroke due to his team sucking so much in our FF league this year. He may recover, but with his players revolting on him....who knows...
  13. not as sh!tty as your normal crap is...:)
  14. Chief

    Fantasy Football 2011

    draft tonight folks.....we should discuss whether we make it worth something tonight....see u effers there...