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  1. bigted

    Fresh Prince Collabos

    Big Will should do some tracks freestylin' on underground mixtapes battlin' those haters that dissed him to keep his name in the street 'till his album drops. It ain't about just guests, a few legit ones are a'ight but too much will hurt his rep. Peace!
  2. bigted


    Yo,that site was ill and I wanna be down when it gets updated! Holla at me!
  3. I can't beleive y'all left out that episode where Will made a bet with Carlton about how Carlton couldn't last the weekend in Jazz's 'hood. That episode was hilarious from beginning 'til end! "Damn, why didn't we bet money?"
  4. bigted

    Fresh Prince on DVD update

    The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was off the hook and I'm lookin' forward to coppin' the DVD when it drops
  5. bigted

    New album thoughts

    People give Dr.Dre more respect than Will in the hip-hop game, but Dre hasn't released an album in 5 Years now! Will should take his time and start his own record label, 'cause he's rich enough! Do the damn thing, Will! He can make a classic album in his sleep. Holla!
  6. bigted

    best track on born to reign?

    I gotta give props to"Block Party" 'cause that joint is bangin'! He should of made of video for that song with Jazzy Jeff 'cause that's what hip-hop is about. Too many M.C.'s are too serious, but Will brings a breath of fresh air to the game.
  7. bigted

    The new album...

    I'm lookin' forward to that Big Will album 'cause he needs to show the Hip-Hop world that his game is deeper than any M.C. out right now, he's too underrated, I never hear any of his songs on Hot 97 or Power 105!