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  1. Irfo

    Will hangin out with 50 ?

    it was clear that will smith have no problems with 50cent,cause will is every time when he is performing....beats of 50cent songs i have no problem with that......when it's true personally i dont like 50cent songs so much but F**k that
  2. Irfo

    Top 10 Rappers turned Actors

    don't forget Tupac Shakur
  3. Irfo

    What should be the third single?

    no i dont want party starter to be the third single...... i think y'all are too party oriented..... lost and found definitely...... switch was party....thats enough....tell me why is the emotional track and lost and found will be the decent pure Rap Track then we have three singles which are different from each other this show the variety what will smith's Pen spits Holla at meeeeeeeeeeeeee I hope Will thinks Like me
  4. When we had the numbers of the 4th Week?? I hope he'll be top 10 again
  5. hmmmm nobody believe that lost and found will make platinum am I right??? Y'all give it up....I guess
  6. Irfo

    billboard update

    how do you know that switch is at no.6 this week........ thats Crazy......i hope this is True we have to make that lost and found goes back in the Top Ten
  7. Irfo

    week 3 final sales!

    nowwwwwwwww its time for releasing tell me why pleaseeeeeeee i hope 2nd May....it will be released.... that must happen
  8. Irfo

    week 3 final sales!

    what about switch in the third week...I hope it will move on in the top ten
  9. Irfo


    man i don't know.......i feel this way every time i heard we won't...its sound like Pop For me........ still i listen to the track sometimes :toetap:
  10. Irfo


    whats your problem with could you love me.........i like that... i go with the bonus tracks....these ones are weak.....comin to the stage is a good one but we won't is some Pop ****......Far from Rap
  11. I think will can still sell 10 million.....he only need better beats....thats it....the music have to sound good....nobody looks at the lyrics....that is what I guess... thats a shame....
  12. Irfo

    FINAL 2nd week sales

    I mean the numbers are to low....155,000 copies.....in two weeks i dont know.....we'll see
  13. Irfo

    FINAL 2nd week sales

    it seems to be bad in the 3rd week....when we look at the numbers.... Something must happen.....
  14. Irfo

    What is an Velagio ?

    I have a question and i need to ask y'all can somebody please explain me....what the word velagio means here the vers from 1000 kisses: They say love is a gamble If so baby im the velagio I cant lose please try do explain it in a easy english....'cause i'm from germany
  15. Irfo

    billboard- #19 to #14

    whowwwwwww thats great number 14 for switch i hope next week it is in the top 10 :thumb: go will go