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  1. Big K

    Tell Me Why Revisited?

    Yeah i also hope it comes out as a single, it has been a while since the release of partystarter
  2. Big K

    Should Will dumb the rhyme a little?

    I also like the both sides of his music. I can enjoy the fun tracks like miami, getting jiggy with it, will2k. But other times his strong "real life" tracks mean a lot too me too, like potnas, lost and found, ... Even his story telling music from back in the days, and now scary story, even loretta you can see as a story telling track. So if he keeps his diversity he's gone stay great, because any one of us feels different every day, and like this we can listen to his music whenever we want, in whatever mood we are.
  3. Big K

    What Are You Listening To? X

    Ja Rule Ft. Mary J Blige - Rainy Days
  4. Big K

    Vote For Will Smith!

    I'm also voting at the moment
  5. Big K

    yo yo

    So it seems. There's no use for this topic lol.
  6. would love to have that one hangin in my room, I only have one poster of Will from Men In Black and others
  7. Mac Daddy & Big Willie win this one for shure
  8. Big K

    will vs. jazz

    Definitly Will
  9. Big K

    uncle phil moments

    My favourite moment is the one in the pool hall, when at first he loses lots of money, and afterwards he ask geoffrey to bring out lucile :d I never saw it coming the first time I watched it.
  10. For me after Will, Geoffrey is the one who makes me laugh the most with the way he responds all the time to will, carlton and uncle phil
  11. Big K

    I got the FPOBA DVDs...

    Every once in a while. At the moment I only own the 1st season, but i'm getting the second one soon :)
  12. Big K

    pick & rate switch

    I prefer the RnB version, i gave it an 8 / 10 on the other hand the reggae mix i don't really like that one it's just a bit too much yelling i think, but that's my opinion.
  13. Big K

    A question on the Album Lost & Found

    dude, get involved on the forum and you'll be sorted! U have got to have a certain amount of forum posts before you can get acces to these songs ? Or what do you have to do ? Thnx for the info
  14. Big K

    The TELL ME WHY Video

    Very nice man. Very well done. I love it
  15. I agree with you all that How da beat goes on is one hell of a song. Back in the days i played it all the time, even now i can still enjoy the song.