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  1. warriorgriff

    i got sum news abt the album

    Greet, Hey Prince.............. Hollla!!! :switch: long time no shout !! look i dont have a lot o time. kindly send me the name of the titles on the new albumn. :rock: email it ........or post it again !! if ya did it before ....i cant find it!!! post it again :thumb: ...the friendly warrior warrior griff "Jules"
  2. warriorgriff

    Jazzy Jeff & KFC

    Greet, Cookies .....thats .....GROSS!!! (the picture of the chicken head that is) Luckily ....I dont eat at Wendys ....I eat at KFC or better yet MacDonalds WORDUP. :oops: Cookies ....continue to be a great sister!! :touche: warriorgriff
  3. warriorgriff

    Not everybody's lovin I, Robot!!

    Greet: :touche: The haters ll always be there . dont take em too seriously. ( they are a kill joy sometimes) Fact is i cant wait to see the movie either. Holla gang the friendly warrior "Jules"
  4. warriorgriff

    *New Song By Da Brakes*

    Holla :music: Sounds like a cool song. I wanna download it!! or I can order it on da radio... :touche:
  5. warriorgriff

    Fresh Prince on DVD update

    Holla : :dancingcool: Shout to the gang :jig:
  6. warriorgriff

    Fresh Prince on DVD update

    Holla!! Just lettin you know i dig "Fresh Prince of BelAir" It deserves to be on DVD. It is a classic series ......almost in the league of Cosby show Jeffersons Good Times :roll: Different strokes :nana: these are now legends. shout to cookies... a visit from da warrior
  7. Greet, Those are good advice words by Will .....about a serious topic. I think we should be careful of the ppl we hang with . Its definitely wiser to choose friends who upbuild us.... ....both in words and in deeds. We also need to remember that some of us can be role models to our own friends. I think wills an ok role model........ he works hard, bu t he also has fun. & he tries to let his fans have fun . this is what i like about will ....he shares his life with his fans .. ...and tries to let the fans have fun. Im sure we all enjoyed our summertime days. shout to Prince shout to cookies .....the friendly warrior warrior griff
  8. warriorgriff

    new smilies

    Greet, :music: Smile and show the joy ya got. :jig: I smile to give my face a rest :jig: \ Lets all smile some more :music: :jig: :jig:
  9. warriorgriff

    Happy Birthday The Real Big Willie

    Greet, Happy Birthday!! Happy BirthDay!! Happy Birthday!! :jig: :jig: By the way......whose Birthday is it...anyways???? :jig: :ohnoes: the warrior
  10. warriorgriff

    I Robot Clips

    Greet, "Hi cookies" Im interested in I Robot too. I m hoping to see it .....with some friends. lets all be excited ...We gotta support Will!! And by the way cookies ....be honest in your review of "I Robot" Holla cookies till next time... I like 3 cookies and milk too. "the friendly warrior"
  11. warriorgriff

    Jada Coming To UK

    Greet, OOOPs, OOOPs Forgort to say .. ...shout to Prince Prince please tell me if you read my post!! "the warrior"
  12. warriorgriff

    Jada Coming To UK

    Holla Prince :roll: Jada coming to the UK!! This sounds like a dream coming through for ya prince :nana: This is your opportunity to meet Jada Pinkett. Grasp it !!! Way to goooo Prince . :jig: shout to the gang (AJ & Willreign) see yall at I robot this has been a visit from the warrior
  13. warriorgriff

    Jazzy Jeff & KFC

    Hail Gang Jazzy Jeff and KFC. An interesting topic. I like KFC .....they have a pretty good reputation here in the caribbean. However if i had a choice ...some times i prefer... ...."BurgerKing"!!! that s an interesting report u got there on KFC :roll: but they got a pretty good rep over here. shout to prince shout to AJ this is the friendly warrior passing through :ditto:
  14. warriorgriff

    Postaholics Anonymous

    :thumb: Hail Prince , Hi to ya . I havent heard from you in ages. I dont have an addiction to posting problem. In fact , im so busy , that i dont get to drop by the board to hail up the Willsmith family, as often as i should. I havent been able to shout you in a looooong while "prince." Im just saying "Holla" old friend. :poke: This summer is really busy for me . However me and some friends are going to see the I Robot movie. It should be really good. Im hoping it will be the High point of my summer. Lets have fun .......and lets talk about it when its done. keep da family tight Shouts to cookies shouts to willreign Shouts to the AJ & the gang and of course... shout to Prince ....this has been a long overdue visit from ...the friendly warrior. warriorgriff
  15. warriorgriff


    :music: Greet, Its good to hear Will is to be havin some reggae tracks on the albumn. I vacation in Jamaica a lot. I have a home there. Hence Ive heard Elephant man , I ve seen him perform. He is an energetic reggae artist. This combination will make Will Smiths albumn tremendously interesting. Guest artists : elephant man, Mary J Blige...and more Im excited......Im hoping his new albumn will tear up the place. Im lookin forward to it.... Will is goin for a wide range of intl flavor.. However there are other and better reggae artists he could try... ....like sean Paul, shaggy, wayne marshall etc. This is the warrior ... visiting the gang shouts to Cookies , Prince and everyone .. warriorgriff is a member of the intl willsmith crew