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  1. Fresh Prince on DVD update

    we need to pester WB about this cuz if we can get FP ondvd thatd be amazing considering its the best show!
  2. Hey

    yea we shod continue to do that but now that we know that wb is in the works maybe w/fp we should really get behind Warner Brothers Home Video so they can release FP...nbc doesnt look like their involved w/FP although they should but we gota get WB to release the best show ever onto DVD.
  3. Hey

    hey guys im a huge FP fan...hero u kno me just been busy to get to the boards...ne way yeah im really glad that atleast fp is in the works and could be onto dvd soon! best show ever for sure. Another great thing is now if all of us fp fans overflood wb with stuff regarding getting fp onto dvd they just might release it.. Also send peititons and stuff. Any other ideas how to get fp on dvd asap? :afro: