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  1. Angel Amor

    Happy Birthday Fan-4ever

    Happy Birthday!!! :clap:
  2. Angel Amor

    Tiger Woods To Return

    I think most ppl don't really care. The only people that do care about something like this are people who never miss an episode of Entertaintment Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, Daily 10...and all the other entertainment shows. The problem is that entertainment paints a protrait of anybody who is popular...that they are ppl who dont have no problems what's so ever. Even tho everybody has some type of problem. When they make a mistake and it gets leaked to the public. Man, they bring out any expert they can find and put up scenrios and how might this have happen etc. Like Tiger being a drug addict/sex addict. That he had a drug issue which lead him in2 sex addiction. I just think he did it cause he could. Which aint rite. But I will say this....he sure did pick somebody ugly chix. Some of these girls look like they are the 3am shift at a Denny's. What I think is more funny is that all these ppl in the entertainment news keep asking if this is a career ender. Like doesn't anybody remember Kobe trial and Michale Vick. Just like ppl have forgotten their charges...ppl will forget about this once he starts playing golf and winning again.
  3. Angel Amor

    HAPPY 2010 FAM!

    Happy New Year Y'all!! :wave2:
  4. LMAO...I remember there was an episode of The Man Show...or I think it was the man show with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Anyways they played a prank on guys at Mardi Gras. They got this chick to wear pasties to cover her nipples but the pasties had hair on them. So when the crowd starts yelling 'show us your boobs' she would lift her top and show off these hairy boobs. Jimmy and Adam would record the crowds reaction. Some of the dudes were like 'WTF' and seemed so horrified :laugh: