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  1. My story... My life is really messed up due to school and some other things. My first and second quarter grades were ok, but my grades really plummeted during 3rd quarter. I went from a 3.5 average to a 2.7. My parents weren't too happy with that. The reason my grades are low is cuz I got so much homework and essays and projects all at the end of the quarter and I couldn't do it all, and go to work (even only working weekends) and get enough sleep at night too. It drove me insase. I did my best to get as much as I could and basically my mom told me I wasn't good enough for her and she doesn
  2. Techno is great stuff, I like it too! One of my friends recently got me into a group called Shiny Toy Guns. They're like a techno-rock group and they're really good. You should check out their stuff.
  3. Yeah I've been trying to do that. Usually I'll have about half a day over the weekend to go do something with my friends for a few hours, but that's about all I can get. I usually work on the weekends since my weekdays consist of homework, but I'm definitely trying to fit more spare time into my schedule. I do get to sleep in for usually one of the weekend days, but I usually don't wake up til around 12 and then half the day is over, you know. It sucks, but being able to rest does feel nice after a week of hard work. I just wish there were more hours in the day to work with, then again I'm sur
  4. Just to explain my situation to everyone... I'm not taking the pills just for the hell of it. I'm trying to help myself. It may not be the best way, but it's working out for me because I don't have time to "sleep right." And what is "sleeping right" anyway? Whether I get 6 or 12 hours of sleep, I feel just as tired throughout the day. I was falling asleep in classes at school, I couldn't concentrate on homework, tests, etc., I would easily get stressed out at work, and I was always exhausted and in a bad mood. My grades dropped significantly, and sometimes I would even miss days of school j
  5. Wow, I didn't think you guys would make a topic out of this... I mean, I can't stay awake through a school day without taking a dose of Excedrin every morning, and sometimes a second dose later in the day.... are you gonna make a thread saying I'm a drug addict??
  6. Haha that's awesome! You can just hear the "AHHH!" in your head as he's being thrown out of the house! :lolsign:
  7. 2006 was the most dramatic year of my life... - Made it through the first semester of my first year in high school (ended in January) - Met a new guy in my physics class, and worked on a project with him - Ended up going out with this guy near the end of May - my first true, real relationship - Got good grades in my sophomore year of high school - Turned 16 during the summer and had a great birthday party - Passed my driving test with 98% and got my driver's license - Got a job near the end of July at a movie theater - still working there and I love it! - Got a car shortly after gett
  8. Alright I talked to him and he took it a lot better than I thought he would! So I guess it wasn't as big of a deal as I made it seem, lol. Thanks for the advice though guys!
  9. Well I could use a bit of advice... So I'm dating a guy from my work and we've been dating for about 2 months. Things are going really well between us and I don't see us breaking up anytime soon. Everything's going great and I'm really happy to be with him. However, there's another guy at my work who likes me. A LOT. And it sucks. He knows I have a boyfriend and he knows I don't particularily have feelings for him. We're friends tho, so that's why this is hard. I don't want to just say go away and leave me alone. I just want him to realize that I'm taken and happy, and to move on to some
  10. My new avatar is actually my right eye in that pic, after messing with colors in photoshop :lolsign: It'd be so cool to have purple eyes!!
  11. *cough* Spencer *cough* :lolsign: Oh shut up... :lolsign: Oh well, it's not like I missed any of you guys either!! J/k...
  12. Oh I won't, don't worry Julie, lol. By the way, I work at a movie theater and there's a poster for Pursuit of Happyness in one of the hallways. I was excited when I saw it! It's Will holding hands with Jaden, it's adorable. I also saw the trailer for it, and it looks like it's gonna be a success! I'm really excited to see it!
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