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    Oh my Go...I can`t believe that!

    It just came today here... it's an great episode.... espacially Will with that teacher guy... :lolsign:
  2. Kidman

    favorite jazz scene

    My favorite Jazz scene? I think the one where he was thrown out of the house by Uncle Phil Ok my favorite scene is where Geoffrey's son is visiting and he talks to the son... I can't descirbe it, because I only saw it here in germany....
  3. Kidman

    What Other Artists You Listen To?

    Only german stuff... I used to listen to stuff like Eminem... 2Pac and something like that... it's still great music but german rap is much better
  4. Kidman


    [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Mar 11 2004, 01:42 AM]...it waz the perfect mix of action and comedy...[/quote] Yeah... absoltuley right!! I only see this movie once... it's cool. But here the dubbed voive of Will Smith was another than in Fresh Prince and that pissed me off... but the movie is really great. But I think in this movie Lawrence is much funnier than Will!!
  5. Kidman

    Black Suits Coming

    It was ok... but I don't listen to Will's music... some tracks are good... like "the Fresh Prince Theme" or "Just the two of us" or "Summertime"....
  6. Hey guys... I just joined so... hello! First of all...sorry for my english.. i mean if you don't understand what I mean... I hope that will not happen... So I like almost every EP. of FPOBA.... it's really my fav sitcom ever... so it's hard to name some cool ep's... but I Like for example... The one where Phil hires the guy from jail... you know? I can't give you some quotes cauz I don't know the english ep's of Fresh Prince... but Will said something like... I got a good feeling with this guy... and the best scene is when they came back from a restaurant... and everything is stolen... Will's "dance" is great.... too funny!! But I also like sad EP's... like the last one... it always sad when Will starts to cry... thats a great acting!!