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  1. Box Office: 'Suicide Squad' Tops $50M Worldwide In Two Days


    ‘Suicide Squad’ Looking To Loot Year’s Third Biggest Opening With $140M-$145M


    "Also per PostTrak, the combination of African American and Hispanic moviegoers made up a huge 41% of the audience with both audiences giving the film a whopping 81% positive score. The entire Suicide Squad cast was a major reason (at 34%) that people went to see the film, and as proof that Will Smith is still a massive summertime draw, 23% went because of him and 21% were compelled by the appearance of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Without question, even though Suicide Squad is an ensemble movie, it will also rank as Smith’s best domestic weekend opening of his career, outflanking 2007’s I Am Legend ($77M). Robbie’s previous weekend high at the B.O. was The Legend of Tarzan at $38.5M. Thirty-two percent also told PostTrak that they came out for Suicide Squad because it’s part of a franchise they love. And if you’re wondering about how those awful reviews factored into moviegoers’ decision to watch Suicide Squad, well, they’re having very little impact: only 4% said they were influenced by reviews to watch this latest DC feature adaptation."


  2. The show shoud have started with the president of the Academy telling the crowd what she did later in the show. It was enough. The Oscars should continue with the usual glitz and glamour because that's all people want from it. I'm sorry but nobody wants to hear some slave hanging, asian children (whatever hell that was), cookies selling, Suge Knight, Stacy Dash jokes at the Acadamy Awards and I don't think anyone in a non-english speaking country understood a thing from the monologue. I guess Chris tried to tapdance about the diversity issue at stake and please everyone. To me it didn't work but that's just me. Noone will be talking about it next week and Will and Jada should be just fine. I know for a fact it was the last time I waited 3,5 hours in the middle of the night to watch a private jet flying movie star wining an Oscar and lecturing me about a climate change.