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    WIll's bro sterling?

    Will said somewhere that it happened the same time he was getting divirced and that's why he called 1995 as the worst year in his life, as far as i can remember he said that sterling was an infant when he died.
  2. hey, hey! switch is no.12 (14 last week) and lost & found remains at no.6! :thumb:
  3. gosia

    jada can sell too!

    hey guys, look what i found at jada's band fan site: Scholastic's Girls Hold Up This World by Actress Jada Pinkett Smith Hits National Best-Seller List Monday April 11, 10:41 am ET NEW YORK, April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Scholastic, the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books, announced today that Jada Pinkett Smith's first-ever children's book Girls Hold Up This World will debut at #2 in the New York Times children's best-seller list. The picture book, featuring empowering poems for girls written by Pinkett Smith, also includes photographs by Donyell Kennedy-McCullough. There are over 80,000 copies of the book in print. (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20050411/NYM131 ) In Girls Hold Up This World (Scholastic/Cartwheel; $16.95), celebrated actress and mother Jada Pinkett Smith lovingly captures the strength, unity, and beauty that live in girls. Ms. Pinkett Smith's powerful poetry combined with Donyell Kennedy-McCullough's exuberant photographs enhance the positive message of this inspiring new book. looks like the smiths wanna take over the entertainment world! :ridepony:
  4. gosia

    Go Here and Vote Now

    34% & no.1 for Will after my vote! :chuks:
  5. gosia

    Switch live in Jay Leno

    do tou have more photos from the show?
  6. gosia

    Some pics

    one more for you guys:
  7. gosia

    vote for Will in this poll

    35% (thanks to me!)
  8. gosia

    Some pics

    you didn't impress me man so i have to post my own stuff. take a look at this: willow is such a sweet girl, don't you think?
  9. gosia


    do you guys know how is lost & found doing on the charts? i know switch is no. 19 at billboard but i don't see the album, i'm confused! help!
  10. gosia


    so cute!!
  11. gosia


    hey! hey! hey! hitch is #1 in germany :ali: does anyone know how hitch is doing in other countries?
  12. gosia


    thanks :thumb:
  13. gosia


    hey guys does anyone know how is the fresh prince in bel air dvd doing on the charts? :help:
  14. gosia

    and another one

    hey guys!! will won a special frech film award for his achievemants!! isn't it awesome? check out gettyimages.com or wireimage.com and search for will smith you should see some photos from the show , will took his mother there!! nice to see her for the first time ever :rock: !
  15. gosia

    and another one

  16. gosia

    Listen to Lost & Found Tracks!

    awesome stuff guys!! i love his rhymes to the game song & the rest of these songs!! it sounds soooo fresh & it's not a typical will smith's rap!! i love it!!
  17. gosia

    Hitch - Final Worldwide Box Office

    :bowdown: you go Will!!!
  18. gosia

    45 MILLION!

    oh my god!!! will you just rock man!!!
  19. gosia

    harry smith

    sorry for posting this in this forum but i didn't know which one i should use. anyway chech this link out http://www.treyballdevelopment.com it's will & his brother's harry company!!! you go will!!! :clap:
  20. gosia

    New Joeseph Marcell Interview !

    can you post the interview on this board cause i registered and i can't see the video please!!!! :bowdown:
  21. gosia

    cool video clips

    hey guys! check out this link and watch few promo clips of hitch! the dance lesson kills me! looks like Will is gonna fly high this year... http://latinoreview.com/films_2005/sonypic...itch/hitch.html
  22. for all the people who can't the bonus forum: 1- go to jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum site 2- use your mouse and go down 3- you should see an extra forum (if you posted at least once 4- download switch 5- go crazy add tell all your friends
  23. hey sou! i live in lódź and i'm a fan of will smith since years i cant't wait till switch will be played here in poland it must be a hit hit for will or what! :rock:
  24. I love will smith and i can't believe there is someone from my home country poland - hey man what's up? :thumb: