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  1. Freshest Prince

    another switch vote

    Voted :afro:
  2. Freshest Prince

    DJ KevTastic @ Leeds Cockpit

    Oh snap that's right around the corner from where I live. The cockpit is near the train station ain't it? Damn I would go but I'm going back home today till saturday. I go to Leeds Uni and I'm staying near the docks, called clarence dock. If you have another event e-mail me I'd be up for that. Andy1_12@hotmail.com
  3. Freshest Prince


    Woah, nice one! Now I can make a .gif of uncle phil's video campaine that will made :kool:
  4. Freshest Prince

    fresh prince name that line.........

    Geforey says that when will says he could kill carlton "Gee, I was just kiddin'" "Me too :speechless:" :hilarious: Ok what about this one. "usually when a wonam says he want to get more comfortable, she mean she wants to get more comfortable..."
  5. Freshest Prince

    fav. non-star cast member

    Yup that guy is hilarious. When they're in the abulance and he says that with the sirens on they don't have to queue :hilarious:
  6. Freshest Prince

    46664 wristbands

    I'd definatly buy a few :afro:
  7. Freshest Prince

    Wallpapers I made

    Here's my desktop; http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SQAeA7QW7lb...520557396672975
  8. Freshest Prince

    album most listened to

    :kekeke: wheres lost and found on that poll? I'm listening to Code Red the most out of those albums :thumb:
  9. Freshest Prince

    JJFP Scan

    ^how do you get images in signatures?
  10. Freshest Prince

    JJFP Scan

    Thanks a lot for that.
  11. Freshest Prince

    FPOBA soundtrack?

    I could think of a better Album. Off the top of my head. Fresh Prince of Bel Air The humpty Dance Back to Life I got the power Tom Jones (loved by anyone) OPP Shabba ranks - mr lover man Thats the most I can think of right now.
  12. Oh man where do I start. Actually Imma make this short and sweet. Took this girl out the other day, wow was that the worst mistake I've ever made. She was a complete b**** the whole night, and sucking me dry of money. I was ghost even before the clock struck 9. When I got back I had to stick this track one, man does this song speak the truth or not!? Only 2nd to Summertime :thumb:
  13. Freshest Prince

    will smith is the best

    :thumb: Welcome to the best site on DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.
  14. Freshest Prince

    40 most least hiphop moments

    Vanilla Ice said that?!?! OMG :hilarious: stop it!! :blabla:
  15. Freshest Prince

    Girls Aint Nuting But Troble Video Download

    ^where is the link?