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  1. Mr.2point

    The TELL ME WHY Video

    I forgot to log-in... I'm stupid, but the video was so amazin'... the entry above mine is also mine =)
  2. Mr.2point

    James' Holiday Photo's

    This is really the house of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? It looks bigger in TV and a lil' bit different...
  3. Mr.2point

    American Music Award Nomination!

    Will will win.... :pony:
  4. Mr.2point

    Bloodhound Gang disses Will Smith

    the bloodhound gang? or should I say: one hit wonder? :hmm: GO Will; GO Will!! :chuks:
  5. Mr.2point

    Maybe (interscope suck!)

    Very good Tim!!!! :rofl: Send it to Interscope!! :jada: :chuks:
  6. Mr.2point

    "Party Starter" Video Tonight!

    Vote or Die! as Diddy would say...
  7. Mr.2point

    FP & LL Cool J

    LL and Will should definitely do a track together... wait... better.... they should do a whole album together!!!!! Will and LL are my favourite rappers! I've every album from both artists!!! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
  8. Mr.2point

    Party Starter Video!!!!

    DAMN!!! THIS VIDEO IS AMAZIN'!!!! Will hits errbody :willvspaparazzi: I'll put my L&F Cd into my CD-Player, Track 02 - Party Starter!! "It's what the doctor ordered..."
  9. Mr.2point

    When does the Party Starter Video Premiere?

    What a BIG Video Premiere... at the VMAs '05!!!
  10. Mr.2point

    Will and Omario in a video

    Thx but I already know this video... :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope:
  11. Mr.2point

    Will Smith Vs DMX

    This Remix is really dope... It makes me :jazzy:
  12. Mr.2point

    Vote for "Party Starter"

    I voted too!!! GO WILL, GO WILL...
  13. Mr.2point

    Looking for Party Starter video

    short: we are the best!!! I'm really lookin' forward to Party Starter!!!
  14. Mr.2point

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Pic!

    C'mon guys... only one track? A whole album please =)))) Will and LL are my favourite rappers!!!
  15. Mr.2point

    My radio station finally premiere Party Starter

    Party Starter will definitely blow up the charts!! I guess No.1!!!!!!!!! What do y'all think?!