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  1. Collateral Beauty

    Domestic: $30,621,252 40.5% + Foreign: $44,900,000 59.5% ---------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $75,521,252
  2. Jada/Fam/Misc

    Sundance Institute, Will & Jada Smith Foundation Team For Diversity
  3. Happy Birthday Jeff!

    Happy Birthday, Jazzy!
  4. Michael Mann On Muhammad Ali, Will Smith & His New Cut Of ‘Ali’
  5. Collateral Beauty

    Domestic: $30,316,239 44.2% + Foreign: $38,300,000 55.8% ---------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $68,616,239
  6. Ahhh, yes. Will said recently on a BBC radio show: "I might be filming in England for the first time next year!", so he was talking about this project. I don't know. I'm no Burton fan, so I'm not excited about this. Plus, if this means they will push back 'Bad Boys 3' again, or even cancel it, it will be a huge disappointment.
  7. Jada/Fam/Misc

    This airs tonight:
  8. He'd play a father who works at the big top and whose children develop a relationship with the pachyderm. EDIT: Tom Hanks could be the villain!
  9. Must be the ears..
  10. 'Bright'

    Filming 'Bright'.
  11. Will on Carpool Karaoke Hope the episode with Will is what we are all expecting!
  12. Collateral Beauty

    Domestic: $29,895,265 50.3% + Foreign: $29,500,000 49.7% ---------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $59,395,265
  13. 'Bright'

    Joel Edgerton gushes about working with Will Smith
  14. Collateral Beauty

    Domestic: $26,966,500 57.4% + Foreign: $20,000,000 42.6% ---------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $46,966,500
  15. Collateral Beauty

    I saw the movie and I "connected" with it from beginning to end. Very moving and emotional. Good performances as well (I particularly enjoyed Edward Norton's part, but all the actors do a great job). I'm with VIsqo, I think people should watch it for themselves and forget about the critics. One of my faves of Will, I must say. I give it 9/10.