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  1. Suicide Squad Marketing

    Ok, here we go! Domestic: $262,283,335 45.8% + Foreign: $310,400,000 54.2% ------------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $572,683,335
  2. Suicide Squad Marketing

    With $262.2 million in USA, 'Suicide Squad' is already Will's second-biggest domestic earner ever, only behind 'Independence Day'. Plus, it has won third weekend in a row. Waiting for the Worldwide Box Office update!
  3. Suicide Squad

    Interesting interview with Will and Margot. He also talks about another reason why he rejected 'Django'.
  4. Movement on Bad Boys III

    An interview with the writer/director, Joe Carnahan:
  5. Suicide Squad Marketing

    $509 million and counting!
  6. Jada/Fam/Misc

    Interview with Jaden
  7. Jada/Fam/Misc

    Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood - Jaden Smith
  8. Suicide Squad

    "You are the only woman in the world for me. You and Janet Jackson." Man, I can't believe Will doesn't remember what movie this line is from
  9. New music - caution in the wild

    'Suicide Squad' Soundtrack Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart
  10. Suicide Squad Marketing

    I smell a sequel!
  11. Collateral Beauty

    Interview with Will
  12. Jada/Fam/Misc

    'Murder Town' TV show 'probably dead at this point'
  13. Suicide Squad

    I forgot to say my opinion about the movie. As expected, LOVED IT. Will and Margot steal the show, and the movie is full of action and great moments of comedy. Pure entertainment. Plus, I think all the characters are very appealing, so it's easy to empathize with them. The only negative part for me is that some characters need more development, especially The Joker. I've read that they are more than 20 deleted scenes, some of them key to understand certain moments of the movie, but sadly they didn't make the final cut. Hopefully they will be included in the DVD/Blu-ray. All things considered, I strongly believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and, personally, I think this is one of Will's most enjoyable movies. His best since 'I Am Legend', in my opinion, and definitely in my Top 5. And I'll say it again: Harley Quinn is fantastic in the movie. I'm sure this won't be the last time we'll see Margot playing this role. She "kills" it. I give the movie 9/10. I'll watch it again soon.