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  1. will gets cussed and dissed for most of his success. yet everyone wants to follow in his footsteps. the likes of Ja rule DMX Eminem. or fall into the catagory of wannabe RAPA slash actor. but are they as successful? hell no. will can do it all. these guys get jeaolous and try to destroy his fame. so when the producer/director of the next big block buster is looking for a rappa to appear in his next big hit he will chek these guys and pik the most willing if will turns it down these other fools pik it up making them appear as higher preference puting wil further down the list. sure we all know the aint got sh.it on will but the general publik have no idea. will is and always will be the greatest performer. i mean pleasse look how many ppl his perrformed for and wit. ALI Bill Clinton ShaQ just to name a very few. Born to reign is will. i strongly believe the day will kome when the frst black president emerges and the world will be stunned to see a big eared biffed up rappa burst outa the curtains most likely singing LOVELY DAZE in celebration.
    BIG WILL FOR PRESIDENT!! :clap: :switch:

  2. hey look all as big a will fan i am and im big down under but you shouldnt diss nelly cause dat guy idolises will read the inserts of BADBOYS two soundtrack no one disses will the praise him. nelly said his the new fresh prince cause he broke a record by sayin all his missing is jada his stating that will has it all.
    btw wasn't it lil bow wow that idolised will since he was lil (liler than he is now) or was that lil romeo i read it sumwhere im pretty sure it was bow wow.
    anyway guys nelly aint half as bad as you guys are making him out to be hell have you heard the lyrics to The Real SLim SHady he disses the hell outa WILL. bag him out his a dik.

  3. cassidys a fuk yeh will can knock his lights out his biceps are bigger than cassidys torso.
    look at what cassidy raps about
    "girl you wanna come to my hotel baby ill give you my room keys. I feel the way you carry yourself girl. NAD I WANa GET WIT YOU CAUSE YOUSA CUTIE. is that shallow or what. CAssidy my friend learn to rap or go home.