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  1. Loved the movie (for will smiths parts anyways) love that track, loved his vocals during the movie, it all just worked! So stoked!!!
  2. Looks like they killed the performance! Hope it inspires him to do another show with Jeff...... in North America this time!
  3. I love it, it’s different, but at least he’s recording and songs are coming out at a steady pace. I honestly feel like A new album could just drop at any time. Hopefully we get that hip hop we are all craving.
  4. eagle1

    Fresh Rhymes From Will

    These are so damn good. Just drop an albummmmmmm!
  5. Wish his part was bigger, but I certainly enjoy this track. Buying now!
  6. I’ve had this on repeat for 2 days now!! Can’t stop! This is so exciting, finally seems like an album or at least some songs are going to drop. I just hope he performs in NA so i can finally see JJFP!!
  7. Thank you!! Just watched the entire playlist:):):)
  8. Thank you for everything you do!!!! Watching snippets of these concerts online has been amazing, if I didn't have a baby on the way I would have flown to the shows, but the second there is a show anywhere in NA I promise that I will be there! Clearly there is a ton of demand and people have been loving the shows. Can't wait for my chance to finally see them live!!
  9. eagle1

    Get Lit

    Ya I can't stop watching!
  10. Ahhh I would love to see that!!:(
  11. eagle1

    Get Lit

  12. Could this be a studio version? Hard to tell, but sounds 100 times better then any cell phone footage I've seen!
  13. I would love that playlist, is there anyway you can share it?