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  1. Wish his part was bigger, but I certainly enjoy this track. Buying now!
  2. I’ve had this on repeat for 2 days now!! Can’t stop! This is so exciting, finally seems like an album or at least some songs are going to drop. I just hope he performs in NA so i can finally see JJFP!!
  3. Thank you!! Just watched the entire playlist:):):)
  4. Thank you for everything you do!!!! Watching snippets of these concerts online has been amazing, if I didn't have a baby on the way I would have flown to the shows, but the second there is a show anywhere in NA I promise that I will be there! Clearly there is a ton of demand and people have been loving the shows. Can't wait for my chance to finally see them live!!
  5. eagle1

    Get Lit

    Ya I can't stop watching!
  6. Ahhh I would love to see that!!:(
  7. eagle1

    Get Lit

  8. Could this be a studio version? Hard to tell, but sounds 100 times better then any cell phone footage I've seen!
  9. I would love that playlist, is there anyway you can share it?
  10. I was just wondering the same about Apple Music!!
  11. I'd be framing that bad boy!
  12. Thanks!!!! So awesome! Will hasn't skipped a beat! Loved how he changed "thousands of fans" to millions!:) Hearing jeff come in live gave me chills!!