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  1. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    True! I'm just praying they come to North America!
  2. Ahhh man I really wish I could come to this. But being in Canada the flight is just too much, especially since I have a baby coming in October. But if they come to North America I'm there instantly. I really hope they announce more shows soon!:(
  3. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    Just saw the episode! Had to drop $10 but it was great! Was hoping he would mention a new album or a full tour, but watching will perform boom was surreal!
  4. Damn i actually want to fly for this! But I'm hopeful this will lead to many shows in the US and praying for CANADA!!!
  5. New music - caution in the wild

    Thank you! And can't believe that's Willow! Sounds great! I need to know who the male singer is
  6. Lol at this hate and then bam he releases a new single to go with the movie.... Both of which were awesome imo!! The tour was never going to happen overnight like he said. More to come, get ready guys the Will of old is coming back, Bad Boys a new album, and a tour. Its an amaZing time to be a fan, the long wait is over! Get excited!
  7. New music - caution in the wild

    This is amazing, love it, love that he's back, who else is on this track??! Should have been in the movie! Ahhh so excited for that tour!
  8. So refreshing seeing Will perform! He killed it!! Can't wait for his tour!!!!
  9. Not to mention bad boys 3, but i'm too excited about the music right now!!
  10. I can't believe it, a new album and a world tour with Jeff! This is something I truely never thought I would get to witness! I am so freaking excited right now! This is just insanity! Feels like it isn't real!! Ahahhaha!:)
  11. As for swears, i always consider it meaning heavy swears, like F-bombs, C-bombs, or N-bombs, but words like bitch, ass, and ****.... I think are fine (apparently the forum disagrees lol) sh*t
  12. Can't believe he is back!!!! Please please pleass drop an album! Also love this song, can't stop listening to it, will absolutely slaughtered that verse!!
  13. Will and Jeff performed in Vegas today!!! http://ksfm.cbslocal.com/2014/08/15/will-smith-surprises-a-las-vegas-crowd-performs-summertime-with-dj-jazzy-jeff-video/