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  1. Will has allegedly recorded countless songs,worked with people like The Game, Pharrell, Jeff, Drake, Kanye....the list goes on....and still....Nothing new......I've almost given up hope..
  2. For any serious collectors....

    Congrats on the new (future) house!.....Id definitely be interested purchasing some things, depending on what you have available...
  3. Only $40.....for all the collectors out there...
  4. That sounds good. I'm down for that. Let me know how you want to go about it...
  5. its been years since i've even listened to MIB and even i remember it word for word lol.
  6. i mean thats cool....but he's been doing this for 2 said you've been working on new music....lets hear it, man.
  7. i know i'm being picky but how much for just a few of them? I'm willing to pay a little more to help you out but i just can't justify buying a Cd i already have :/... Both Yo Homes to Bel Air, The Groove, The Things That You Do, and I Think I can Beat Mike Tyson....I've been trying to add those to the collection for a long time now...for just the CD singles how much would you be looking for those?
  8. damn i guess the vinyl is much would you take for just the CD Singles?
  9. Was the Fiesta Remix a flop?

    only because he failed to capitalize on it. no one really knew who the original artist was and not many people heard the original song. Will Smith coming back got that song a lot of shine. in the weeks following he did a lot of talk shows and interviews about new music. everyone was excited for it. there were articles written about and several major websites.....and then he...did nothing. he let the remix die down and stopped talking about music. people lost interest.
  10. I'm in shock. RIP Phife.
  11. lol naw.....that song was never anything here in the states.
  12. the Crowd was surprisingly un-energetic.....but then again I don't know the format of that show. great performance. Watching Jeff do anything inspires me like crazy.
  13. Incredible album. This is way better than the first one and I really liked that one too....and from what I'm hearing 2.5 (that drops next week) is just as good. for an artists to come with consistent heat like that on 38 tracks says a lot....This first one had ZERO filler.
  14. Jeff will be a part of it, as will plenty of other people. he's trying to take chances, he's trying to do something different. We've all been fans for years and one thing we know is he will never compromise who he is as a person or an artists for sales. I'm not concerned one bit. Jeff is and will always be his #1. they're going on tour this summer. Jeff will part of this album. Will may even be a part of Jeff's album...others will also be a part of it... Also keep in mind, he said he recorded 30...and he only REALLY likes 6 or 7....he's trying different things. I respect him for that,