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    The rivers of fire, moon of blood stuff is all metahores. JC knew there would come a time when people were able to see again the true meaning of what he did. That's all. In other words, JC was just like you and me. The 2nd coming will be when we realize everything he did was stuff any human man or woman can do. You ever seen MIB? Would you be suprised to learn that Will Smith's role in the world is actually pretty close to his role in that movie? And no, he doesn't police aliens. He is part of a group of people who's job it is to keep certain special people in check. In other words, people who act like they're on crack all the time but who have never touched the stuff.
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    I think the reason why is because everyone on earth right now thinks we need to change things fundamentally or we're all screwed. I think this is happening soon, maybe not this weekend but before November. What was the dream about Gabriel? He's supposed to be the first messenger of the second coming or something. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. If there is a second coming, it won't be one guy, it'll be a day when we all realize the metaphore is that we are ALL that one guy or girl. Will Smith will be an important figure, but I don't know why exactly yet.
  3. hey i don't know why i'm here exactly. Jada has a connection to a group of people that i can't really see clearly, but I know it's important to all of us. (I'm not crazy, I promise, I'm just a child of hippies.) Jada obviously has a connection to Will. I think Will has a connection, numerology-wise to a day that is approaching very quickly. Pi day, or 3/14, is significant to several different religions, and I'm not sure why... Anyway, if this is babbling, ignore it. If you're wondering why I'm wandering, please ask and I'll tell you everything I can. If you can help, please do.