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  1. So I figured we should start a WhatsApp group for those attending the show! It's a great way to communicate quickly on the day so we can all find each other and make the most of this once in a lifetime show! If you all shoot me a message with your number and name I can get you all added! 07958 144 241 or for anyone international +447958144241
  2. I'm staying away from all videos for the Croatia show.. wanna be surprised at everything i see on the day..
  3. Da Brakes

    life of the forum

    Facebook has definitely been a forum killer.. liking the feel of the upgrade though.. nice and fresh
  4. That was one of my original designs but I changed it last minute!
  5. I actually made a T-Shirt for this event!! Literally cannot wait!
  6. Just booked Legends hotel... I'm staying just the Sunday night
  7. Ahhhh.. Should have booked early.. alot has gone!
  8. Dude thats like 15 miles from the place!!
  9. So I'm thinking I may need to stay in a hotel the Sunday evening. out of interest, where is everyone staying?
  10. I'm the same.. wont be staying but arriving mid afternoon and have golden tickets
  11. Would love to see Will do a full on set with Jeff and The Roots.. Nothing beats that live band vibe..
  12. Love this! FP warming up for us!
  13. I'm a little worried that these tickets aren't selling out faster. Hoping that the show goes on regardless
  14. Looking forward to catching up with you Nicole! My personal favourites I would love to hear live are : - I'm Looking for the one - Somethin' Like Dis - From Da South - I'm all that - Code Red - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson - Rhythm Trax House Party Style - Yes yes y'all - I'm coming
  15. Love seeing all the old faces again! Feels like old times
  16. I'm sure we'll get a chance to catch up on the day! Got to be done!
  17. AWESOME! Golden circle as well?
  18. Kev has just told me the video is online but as he is at another Jeff show he asked me to post it on here for everyone!! So here it is!!! The official JJFP.com interview with The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff
  19. Don't reckon you'll have a hard time getting rid of that one!
  20. For sure!!! Neil... did you manage to get your ticket?
  21. We bought Golden Circle! (me, Kev Julie and Tim)
  22. 100% although I reckon we show try and arrange something with the guys before we go!