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  1. Da Brakes

    wills best solo track?

    There's loads!!! But at the mo it would have to be 'Yes Yes Y'all' :music:
  2. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it dude!! :peace:
  3. I'm REALLY sorry guys but i'm not gonna be able t participate in this battle!! Way to many exams and assignments goin on at the moment!! Once again sorry!
  4. Da Brakes

    i saw on the website......

    I think he's talking bout the old forum!! There was some discussion bout the single being released early 2004. But there have been updates saying that Will won't release his single/album until the industry has stopped being wierd!!
  5. Da Brakes

    a new jjfp album?

    I agree with everything said above!! Not only do we as fans need a new album, but i think JJ&FP need to prove to the non believers that they still have it and know how to rip up a set!
  6. Da Brakes

    will's songs

    well ova a hundred i'd say!
  7. Da Brakes

    the hip hop box set

    Disc 4 is definately the one for me!
  8. Da Brakes

    Streaming Audio For Members

    Thanx alot for that!! Dope song!! But you do realise it is still possible for people to download streaming audio!
  9. Da Brakes

    Next battle Sign Up!

    I'm in!!! Can't wait to do this again!!! Prepare for that spanking to be coming your way!!! :afro:
  10. Da Brakes

    Dont Fight The feeling!!

    Wow!! Thanx guys!! This is great!! A new JJFP track!! Who knew!
  11. Da Brakes

    WHAT THE...???

    I'm the same as well!! The old board board was unique!!