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  1. Da Brakes

    Ali and Spike Lee's Bitterness

    Damn haters!!! :rosik:
  2. Da Brakes

    Where does Will live?

  3. Da Brakes

    Will & Timbaland

    Thats EXCELLENT news.............if its true!!! How great would that be if Will worked with Timmy!! The only other producer i'd LOVE to see Will work with is the man of the moment Kanye West!! This album sounds like a winner! I really can't wait!! But hold on.....................i just realised. A while back wasn't there reports that will had finished his album and was looking for a label to put it out on?? If so then i guess that suggests three possibilities!! 1. He still hasn't finished and still addind trax 2. He has finished and is just stll making music [b]or[/b] 3. He is working on a [b]NEW, NEW[/b] album!! Ha ha!! Only kidding!!! :bowrofl: :thumb: :music:
  4. Da Brakes

    Where does Will live?

    Now thats what i call a house!!! :eek4: :eek4:
  5. Da Brakes

    Born to Reign

    I'm wid u Cookies!! I agree!!
  6. Da Brakes

    Some More DJ GTS Production...

    I'm liking it!! :thumb: :music:
  7. Da Brakes

    happy birthday sexywshgirl!!

    HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! Enjoy ur day!!!! :peace: :dancingcool: :dancingcool: :peace:
  8. Da Brakes

    Born to Reign

    It was ok but i still stand by my thoughts that it was his weakest album
  9. Da Brakes

    best battle?

    LL was out of order to Canibus over that whole verse thing. I've heard the actual phone call between LL and Canibus talking about that verse and he made out like they were gonna resolve it but then stabbed canibus in the back. If u would have heard it and seen wat had gone on then u'd understand how. And canibus did reply to Ripper Strikes Back with a diss track called 'Rip The Jacker' (which i'm sure has been heard by more than 7 people) That really was the end of it. LL was beat. I dont understand tho how peeps think LL beat Canibus with 'Ripper strikes back'!! He came up wid nothing new in that track and in my opinion was weak compared to 'Second Round Knockout'. On each of Canibus' album to date therehave been numerous digs towards many artists!! The most being LL. Others include Eminem, Beinie Siegal and other Roc-A-Fella label mates!! If u listen to Canibus' first album den you'll find out why he dissed Wyclef!! Come on now.....how can ANYBODY have a hit with the beats Wyclef made for that album!! They were DISGRACEFUL!! And he calls himself a producer???? Something was goin on there!!
  10. Da Brakes

    Happy Birthday to me...

  11. Da Brakes

    Battle Of The Worst MC! Round II

    Ok! Bizarre just wins it!! That was a close one!! Here are the final two rappers for this round: [b]Lil Romeo[/b] [img]http://images.chron.com/content/news/photos/02/12/22/lilromeo1.jpg[/img] ~Vs~ [b]Benzino[/b] [img]http://content.clearchannel.com/Photos/musicians/benzino/benzino_source03_GI.jpg[/img]
  12. Da Brakes

    Battle Of The Worst MC! Round II

    Come on guys!! Just ONE more vote
  13. Da Brakes

    best battle?

    [quote=bigted,Jun 27 2004, 12:49 PM]That was classic!![/quote] Canibus ripped LL? Where's Canibus now then if he did rip LL? I don't hear anyone say Canibus is a legend, they still say LL is a legend. If Canibus ripped LL so bad he would be getting more cred than what he has and he doesn't know how to make rap music 'cause what hot album did Canibus make? LL didn't have anything to prove to Canibus just like we say Will Smith doesn't have anything to prove to Eminem 'cause when you're a new rapper you can't just overtake a veteran that has been in the game for 15 years. That'd be like sayin' that Lebron James would beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one, it ain't happenin'. [/quote] Canibus is still around making records andripping up the mic wherever he goes. Just recently he was at 'The Jump Off' MC battle competition here in London. Plenty of people [b]are[/b] saying Canibus is a legend, and he is. How many people do you think can put words, smilies and metaphors together like he can? And just because Canibus beat LL in a battle doesn't mean he automatically becomes a bigger star than him and starts being successful, it doesn't work like that. The one advantage LL has over Canibus is that he knows how to make songs which the record buying public will accept and buy in their numbers. This is something that Canibus has always lacked. But saying this Canibus [b]DOES[/b] make hot music. Which albums have you listened to of his?? Anybody who's listened to any of his albums (barring C-True Hollywood Stories) would not say that Canibus does not make hot music. But the fact of the matter is that Canibus is and always will remain an underground MC, which is why his records don't sell in the millions. If u check out his forum, you'll see the enormous fan base in which he has. And for someone who doesn't have anything to prove, why did LL start the whole battle between them?
  14. Da Brakes

    Best Producer/Rapper

    Out of these guys, who do you think is the best producer/rapper?! Take anything into prospective!! [b]Rza, Timberland, Jermaine Dupri, Dre, Kanye West, P.Diddy, Eminem[/b] My order goes: 1. Kanye West 2. Dre 3. Eminem 4. Timberland 5. Jermaine Dupri 6. P.Diddy 7. Rza
  15. Da Brakes

    best battle?

    For me Canibus easily beat LL!! 2nd round knockout was soooo good! Canibus was coming up wid loads of personals and attacks and i think generally was a better diss track. Ripper strikes back was just ALL responses to canibus' disses!! no original stuff, no personals, no nothing!! the only line which i think was credible and well flipped was: [b]"Ask Canibus, he ain't understanding this/ Coz 99% of his fans-don't exist!/"[/b] That was classic!!
  16. Da Brakes

    Just to let you guys know

    welcome back!! :thumb:
  17. Da Brakes

    Battle Of The Worst MC! Round II

    4 all guys!!! Next vote wins!!!
  18. Da Brakes

    happy brithday daedulus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!! Enjoy iT!!
  19. Da Brakes

    best battle?

    Oh ok!! i was counting a battle as 'Who's da better MC' and them proving themselves on track!!
  20. Da Brakes


    Happy Birthday Man!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!
  21. Da Brakes

    Best Producer/Rapper

    I think your getting confused! Will was executive producer on those soundtracks which means he oversaw what made it onto the album and what didn't. He didn't actually make the beats for the album. That is what i mean by the term 'producer'. A person who physically makes the beats themselves. Eminem is well known now for making beats. He has done so for artists such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Obie Trice and D12. I think people are missing the point of this post! When i say producer/rapper i mean somebody who is well known for doing both. And to at least have an album out to showcase their rapping abilities!! Not somebody that has rapped on a couple of tracks. I've made a couple of beats myself but i would no way considermyself a producer!
  22. Da Brakes

    forum promo

    Thats EXCELLENT man!!! :thumb: I definately prefer the 2nd one!!! Its got that teary effect!! :tear: How did u do them??
  23. Da Brakes

    best battle?

    [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Jun 25 2004, 02:19 PM]I hope nobody says that 2Pac vs. Biggie one tho'...that waz just awful.[/quote] 2Pac and Biggie never had a battle!!
  24. Da Brakes

    Best Producer/Rapper

    [quote=bigted,Jun 25 2004, 03:06 PM]You forgot to mention Teddy Riley. He'd have to be in the top 5.[/quote] Teddy Riley isn't a rapper as well!! I was interested as to what you guys thought out of the list of guys i said!!
  25. Da Brakes

    Best Producer/Rapper

    [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Jun 25 2004, 02:15 PM]1. DJ Premier 2. DJ Jazzy Jeff + A Touch of Jazz 3. Jermaine Dupri + So So Def 4. Timbaland 5. Easy Mo Bee 6. Eric B. 7. Ummah (A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village) 8. Dr. Dre 9. DJ Scratch 10. Kanye West 11. Rodney Jerkins + Darkchild There is somebody i'm 4getting!![/quote] Strictly speaking Jeff isn't a rapper! He may have rapped ona few trax but he is not classed as a rapper!!