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  1. Remember deadline is this Friday guys! Be sure to get your order in if you woud like either a T-Shirt, Hoodie or both.
  2. That's so good to hear!! So happy that other guys on the forum will get to experience the show! Truly was something that will last a lifetime. Thanks again Nicole for everything that you've done.. you are literally Superwoman
  3. Oh... and the T-Shirts are fitted and not baggy..
  4. Da Brakes

    Magnificent 3

    AMIRacle is his stage name... There have been a few posts on the forum about him. His first release is still my favourite track he's done with Jeff on production. A lot of nods on the track to old school rappers.
  5. Da Brakes

    Magnificent 3

    Pretty sure October is the release date
  6. Da Brakes

    Magnificent 3

    Potentially another cut from M3 This time it's Jeffs son Amir on the raps:
  7. Da Brakes

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    So silly question... are they gonna "blue" him up?
  8. Ah man!! Would have been great to meet up.
  9. Da Brakes

    Collateral Beauty

    Finally got round to watching this a couple of nights ago and I must say i really enjoyed it... Had me from start to finish and very well executed! A pleasant surprise considering the reviews for it
  10. Da Brakes

    Get Lit

    For me Will doesn't need a record deal.. He doesn't need any more success.. he doesn't need any more money. The formula is very simple.. go to Jeff's house for a couple of weeks.. rock out with the playlist crew.. leave there with a masterpiece.. release it on your own. Jeff can show him how.. cut out the middle men and connect directly with the fans. Look at how much attention these two shows have created. Can you imagine the buzz if Jeff and Will actually completed another album.
  11. Awesome! Never knew there were performances of JJFP performing this! Great find Ale
  12. Cris asked for the design! Said Jeff loved it. Will be sending it to him when I'm back home
  13. These are great! Thanks for sharing Dave
  14. Will be able to write more when I've come back down to earth!
  15. Opened with Boom! New kids on the block/Brand New Funk Jiggy MIB Miami JJFP MEDLEY (Girls, parents, nightmare) i wanna rock just the two of us Get Lit Summertime Switch FPoBA
  16. Show was absolutely insane!! Best night ever! Plus..... we got to hear the NEW Will Smith single!
  17. So I figured we should start a WhatsApp group for those attending the show! It's a great way to communicate quickly on the day so we can all find each other and make the most of this once in a lifetime show! If you all shoot me a message with your number and name I can get you all added! 07958 144 241 or for anyone international +447958144241
  18. I'm staying away from all videos for the Croatia show.. wanna be surprised at everything i see on the day..
  19. Da Brakes

    life of the forum

    Facebook has definitely been a forum killer.. liking the feel of the upgrade though.. nice and fresh
  20. That was one of my original designs but I changed it last minute!
  21. I actually made a T-Shirt for this event!! Literally cannot wait!
  22. Just booked Legends hotel... I'm staying just the Sunday night