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  1. I'm the same.. wont be staying but arriving mid afternoon and have golden tickets
  2. Will in Trinidad!

    Would love to see Will do a full on set with Jeff and The Roots.. Nothing beats that live band vibe..
  3. Will in Trinidad!

    Love this! FP warming up for us!
  4. I'm a little worried that these tickets aren't selling out faster. Hoping that the show goes on regardless
  5. Looking forward to catching up with you Nicole! My personal favourites I would love to hear live are : - I'm Looking for the one - Somethin' Like Dis - From Da South - I'm all that - Code Red - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson - Rhythm Trax House Party Style - Yes yes y'all - I'm coming
  6. Love seeing all the old faces again! Feels like old times
  7. I'm sure we'll get a chance to catch up on the day! Got to be done!
  8. AWESOME! Golden circle as well?
  9. Don't reckon you'll have a hard time getting rid of that one!
  10. For sure!!! Neil... did you manage to get your ticket?
  11. We bought Golden Circle! (me, Kev Julie and Tim)
  12. 100% although I reckon we show try and arrange something with the guys before we go!
  13. I'm down!!! The show is in Blackpool.. Here is an article from the booking agency! https://mn2s.com/news/live/will-smith-dj-jazzy-jeff-comeback-tour/ ---------------------- Hip Hop legends Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff have announced their long-awaited comeback tour for summer 2017. Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff will headline MTV Summerblast on 26th August in Croatia, followed by Livewire Festival on 27th August in Blackpool. Releasing music together both as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and under the solo monicker of Will Smith, Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff are two of the most successful and influential Hip Hop artists of all time. Their work together includes the hits “Summertime”, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper”. And Will Smith’s solo releases “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It”, “Boom Shake the Room” and “Men in Black” have also become iconic songs in the Hip Hop canon. Though the duo never officially disbanded, the two have largely been working separately in recent decades, with Smith concentrating on his hugely successful Hollywood acting career, and DJ Jazzy Jeff establishing himself as a true creative force in the music industry. Last year, the duo teased a reunion tour, and now they have released the details. These two shows are likely to form the start of a major comeback by the duo, both of whom have never left the public eye in recent years. DJ Jazzy Jeff’s acclaimed album with collective The PLAYlist recently thrilled music critics worldwide, and Will Smith’s acting turns in Suicide Squad, Concussion, and Collateral Beauty have recently adorned our silver screens. Now though, the focus is very much on the music, as the upcoming shows in Blackpool and Croatia will show. For live enquiries, please contact info@mn2s.com