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  1. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Cataloguing   

    Appreciate that!
  2. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Jazzy Jeff Scratches in 'Straight Outta Compton' movie   

    I love this.  From Jeff's Facebook!
  3. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: DJ JAZZY JEFF PRESENTS DAYNE JORDAN - MEMOIRS OF DAYNE JORDAN   

    I'm loving the information tease! 
    This is definitely something magical...  There is just something about Jeff's prduction sound which is just so soulful..  I love it. Looking forward to the new music as I know it will be special!
    The link to listen to the album is: https://soundcloud.com/daynejordan/memoirs-of-dayne-jordan-1 for those who don't have it.
  4. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Suicide Squad   

    Trailer looks freaking awesome!  Hopefully this will open Will's eyes to the benefits of just acting rather than trying to have a creative input...  Roll on 2016..
  5. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: JJFP and LL Cool J Tour   

    And I'll be on that flight with you bro!! 
  6. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: JJFP and LL Cool J Tour   

    I've always wondered why they have never done a track together before!  If this happens, I'm hoping this is a worldwide one and not just the states!
  7. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: JJFP and LL Cool J Tour   

    Jeff has just posted on his Facebook last night that he had a long talk with LL Cool J about the possibility of JJFP and LL doing a tour! How amazing would that be!! 
  8. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Let's Party - Homebase bonus track?   

    Fingers crossed AJ!
  9. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Let's Party - Homebase bonus track?   

    Looks as if you can buy it from here...
      Wonder if they just copy and pasted the info from Wiki?
  10. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Let's Party - Homebase bonus track?   

    There is a Homebase cassette on eBay.  I messaged the seller to enquire about the tracklisting but no 'Let's Party'
  11. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Vinyl Destination - General Thread   

    Ah love it! Boiler room was defo one of my fav sets he's played
  12. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Jump Street/Men In Black Crossover??   

    In the midst of last year’s Sony hack, one rather interesting snippet of news concerned the possible merging of the Jump Street and Men in Black film franchises. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Jump Streetdirectors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have spoken outabout the rumored project several times. According to Miller, it’s a concept “that makes you think.” Head-scratching hilarity aside, it looks like this fever dream of a movie might actually happen.
    Two different bits of news regarding the Jump Streetfranchise broke this week. The first is a female-driven film written by Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs. The second? TheWrap reports the wheels are turning for the crossover film, and… the wheels aren’t square-shaped:
    That actually kind of makes sense! If the first two films truly do tackle reboots/remakes and sequels respectively, then why wouldn’t a third film target cinematic universes? They’re all the rage, thanks to Marvel. (Let’s be honest, though, Quentin Tarantinodid it better.)
    Contract extensions are in the works for much of the Jump Street cast and crew, but there’s no word yet on whether or not Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, or Josh Brolin will reprise their roles.
  13. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: JJFP Show Up In Hip-Hop Family Tree   

    I've never seen that before!  That is truly dope!  Loved watching the videos at the bottom of the page again!  Haven't seen that performance in a good while!
  14. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Forum upgrade   

    I thought it was just me!!  Glad to see it back up!
  15. Da Brakes added a post in a topic: Back in the UK in April   

    Welcome to the board and thank you for sharing. Nothing beats the first time you get to witness Jeff do his thing. 
    He  is a genius at what he does and to actually see it is mind blowing. Definitely a great excuse to see him again.. And trust me... It doesn't get old! 

Status Feed

  1. Melle » Da Brakes

    CBSS ... (y) luv it man, great work!! Hope to hear more soon ;) .. Like Jamie would say it.. Luv the Hip Hop Purists ;) ...

  2. Da Brakes

    Clean But Still Street should be ready by next Wednesday! Countdown begins!

  3. 3cookies » Da Brakes

    givin up dat official CONGRATULATIONS luV!!! on ur wedding with ur new wife, Brakes. Its been a long tyme coming, and no one deserves it more than U, my dear. Many blessings 2 u both. ~ cookie

  4. Da Brakes » KelSpencer

    Thanks for the add! Good to see you back on the board!

  5. Da Brakes » ant1

    I'd love for that to happen! Got another special guest on it tho that the board might recognise!

  6. ant1 » Da Brakes

    whats up breaks just wanna stop by and holla i love the DJ track, it'd be hot if you did have jeff on your album.

  7. FreshPrinceFan » Da Brakes

    Hey Brakes man i'm new to the site and was just tryin' to get to know some people on here holla back

  8. J-o-e » Da Brakes

    I walked around my home town after new years, see what was popping lol, I was thinking about that "The Rain" track...u feel it?

  9. Da Brakes » J-o-e

    I worked for most of it then went out with a few friends to London! What about you?
    So whats this track you got in mind then?

  10. J-o-e » Da Brakes

    Yo Brakes, Wasup man what you do for new year? I might have a track u can feature on if your up for it, hit me back man holla, Joe

  11. bigted » Da Brakes

    All in due time you'll be hearing some stuff from me, really sooner rather than later, i'm gonna be getting on my grind, thanks for the support, i appreciate it!

  12. Da Brakes » bigted

    Thanks a lot Ted! That means a lot! When you gonna get something recorded so we can hear??

  13. bigted » Da Brakes

    keep doing your thing man, you got a lot of talent

  14. Da Brakes » Hero1

    Nice! We can leave comments now! Ha ha!

  15. Hero1 » Da Brakes

    the rapper slash actor