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  1. COOKIES!!! Where the heck have you been? We were literally talking about you the other day
  2. Will's official Youtube channel

    It will come... and when it does.. it will get ALOT of love
  3. Get Lit

    I think FP just needs to be inspired again..I've said it all along that I think he has lost his confidence and is worrying about what is on trend at the moment... A week or 2 with Jeff will sort that right out..
  4. I finally got to meet Will!

    Ah brilliant! Great idea with the license plate as well!
  5. Movement on Bad Boys III

  6. What i think would work really well is a reunion sketch.. the sort of thing that Jimmy Fallon does.. No pressure of a whole episode.. just a fun 8 min reminder of what we loved about the show I loved the Saved By The Bell one he did!
  7. Follow Will on Instagram!

    I’m excited about his increased online presence. This is definitely a step in the right direction.. It’s also a huge platform for Will to Showase music to the world. He already has 3.6 million followers on Insta and almost 50, 000 YouTube subscribers which was reached in a ridiculously short time! I kind of feel he is maximising his online presence for when he starts to drop new music.. When Will goes into the studio with Jeff in January I’m sure Chris will also be there as well. Can you imagine the audience share if both Will and Jeff share the videos Chris does of them together in the studio? Not to mention all the BTS footage of their recent tour.. I think this is the start of it all
  8. 'Bright'

    Just watched it and definitely no where near as bad as the “critics” make out. I enjoyed the movie and really enjoyed seeing Will back in the action genre.. This is definitely a big move for Netflix and awesome that Will was able to be a part of it.. Go watch it people... make up your own minds
  9. new jjfp album in january?

    When I saw the interview it made me smile so much! I really hoping Wills schedule stay free and can go through! This is EXACTLY what we all said needs to happen.
  10. 'Bright'

    Happy days!! Just seems strange to me..
  11. 'Bright'

    So will this just be available for me to watch on Netflix on its release date? A bit confused about how this will work
  12. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    ha ha!! Awesome!!
  13. Hidden area

    Ha ha! We we talking about this on the podcast the other day! Apparently it’s still there!