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  1. Melle » Da Brakes

    CBSS ... (y) luv it man, great work!! Hope to hear more soon ;) .. Like Jamie would say it.. Luv the Hip Hop Purists ;) ...

  2. Da Brakes

    Clean But Still Street should be ready by next Wednesday! Countdown begins!

  3. 3cookies » Da Brakes

    givin up dat official CONGRATULATIONS luV!!! on ur wedding with ur new wife, Brakes. Its been a long tyme coming, and no one deserves it more than U, my dear. Many blessings 2 u both. ~ cookie

  4. Da Brakes » KelSpencer

    Thanks for the add! Good to see you back on the board!

  5. Da Brakes » ant1

    I'd love for that to happen! Got another special guest on it tho that the board might recognise!

  6. ant1 » Da Brakes

    whats up breaks just wanna stop by and holla i love the DJ track, it'd be hot if you did have jeff on your album.

  7. FreshPrinceFan » Da Brakes

    Hey Brakes man i'm new to the site and was just tryin' to get to know some people on here holla back

  8. J-o-e » Da Brakes

    I walked around my home town after new years, see what was popping lol, I was thinking about that "The Rain" track...u feel it?

  9. Da Brakes » J-o-e

    I worked for most of it then went out with a few friends to London! What about you?
    So whats this track you got in mind then?

  10. J-o-e » Da Brakes

    Yo Brakes, Wasup man what you do for new year? I might have a track u can feature on if your up for it, hit me back man holla, Joe

  11. bigted » Da Brakes

    All in due time you'll be hearing some stuff from me, really sooner rather than later, i'm gonna be getting on my grind, thanks for the support, i appreciate it!

  12. Da Brakes » bigted

    Thanks a lot Ted! That means a lot! When you gonna get something recorded so we can hear??

  13. bigted » Da Brakes

    keep doing your thing man, you got a lot of talent

  14. Da Brakes » Hero1

    Nice! We can leave comments now! Ha ha!

  15. Hero1 » Da Brakes

    the rapper slash actor