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  1. DJ Krueger


    Thank you for the Acapella, Romano! I hope someone on the board has the instrumental aswell! :D
  2. Hey guys, whats up? DJ Krueger here. I know its been a while. But I really need some help on aquiring the instrumental & acapella for Just Cruisin. I know they're around, Ive seen them posted on this board before, so if anyone has them. It would be really appreciated, if you guys could help me out! Thanks!
  3. DJ Krueger

    eminem and jeff

    Think Big was 96
  4. DJ Krueger

    nightmare on my street cover song

    I kinda liked it, the guitar playin the elm street theme, was cool
  5. Ive got it, hit me up on aim: thabutcher6
  6. we'll never see this thing, again..unless someone has a connection with someone who works at mtv or taped it back in the day and puts it on youtube...dont get your hopes up..cuz this thing was part of a lawsuit settlement..its long buried and gone..
  7. DJ Krueger

    kool JJ Poster

    ahaha, I like it..relates to me alot
  8. DJ Krueger

    how long have you been a fan of JJ+FP??

    I gotta say, since the fresh prince of bel air days
  9. DJ Krueger

    Your all-time favorite JJFP song

    hmm...I gotta say Summer Time...its just so...I dunno, such a classic..I also like nightmare on my street.
  10. DJ Krueger

    i think i can beat mike tyson live

    thanks for this one :)
  11. DJ Krueger

    Parents just don't understand (live)

    this is crazy, thanks alot
  12. DJ Krueger

    JJFP Live 1988

    thanks a bunch for this!
  13. although I like them both, but in my opinion..I'd rather listen to an LL record, over a Jay-Z joint, anyday...
  14. DJ Krueger


    haha thats cool, its in a good way, though
  15. DJ Krueger

    eminem and jeff

    nah, actually...jeff didnt produce this track..it was really actually the beat to "Think Big" from Pudgee P & The Notorious B.I.G.