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  1. liquidsg

    2 ? about hitch

    he is deff. singing, i checked to see by walking in the theaters towards the end of the movie on 3 seperate occasions...
  2. liquidsg

    will smiths tribute site

    yea theres alot of good info there, its hard to find good stuff through google cause it says "Will" is too common so i get all this junk about agent smith, blacksmith, etc :bang:
  3. liquidsg

    Check out Switch Music Video @ WillSmith.com

    the video will probly be put up on Yahoo's launch! like most good videos..... :switch:
  4. liquidsg

    flow things

    I like the newer stuff. Like Will 2k and such. He's a bit older now, so I thnk its right that he doesnt keep such an old skool flow :dj:
  5. liquidsg

    guest appearances

    i herd that there was gonna be some crosby, stills, and nash on wills joint, but thats just was i herd... :cya:
  6. liquidsg

    Mary J. Blige (feat. Will Smith) - Got To Be Real

    its a great remake in general. will and mj blige really spice up.
  7. liquidsg

    The best movie by Will

    he has alot of great movies. its hard to pick one, cause his roles differ so much.
  8. liquidsg

    Will ´s solo albums best track

    i like momma knows
  9. Will has let out alot of different types of songs. Does anyone know if the songs on the new album are gonna be more of the heavier rap or a slower beat like in Momma Knows. I know there are not alot of details yet, but thought it wouldnt hurt to ask.