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  1. 'Bright'

    It is a bit odd but at first I didn’t think Netflix exclusive shows would work. But it turns out my favourite shows I’ve seen this year are Netflix exclusive. Hey, at least we don’t have to buy a movie ticket lol. And those you that don’t have Netflix just get your first month free.
  2. Get Lit

    Jim hit the nail on the head with whats missing, bars. Will's a rapper but the last 3 songs hes put out barely have any lyrics in them. We know he can write them because he's wrote tonnes of incredible songs. Plus the world is so messed up right now, theres so much he could say. I think Will has seen what Jaden and Willow do. They put music out all the time, they never chart, they just get attention from their fans. They seem to be ok with that and just do it to be creative. If Will isnt expecting to chart, he may as well make music that us guys wanna here and not try to fit in with the music scene right now. I get the impression hes a bit lost, he wants to do it but hes not sure how. I get that, music is weird right now, its either EDM or a Spanish song and he doesnt seem to fit into any of that.
  3. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    A few on us are headed to London on the 4th November. I live near Liverpool so I get the train down and a cheap hotel. Theres a few others on Jeffs Facebook I think.
  4. Great interview with Jeff

    That was a great interview. So angry for them about losing the rights to thier JJFP songs. Losing the royalties suck but what's worse is they don't own the best song they ever made. Never knew all that about live at union square, I used to have the full version somewhere but it got lost on a computer.
  5. Get Lit

    Was just thinking as well. Even if you've bought the song, try and stream it on Spotify, streams count in the charts.
  6. Get Lit

    Good thinking with the reviews. I'll get on it. I was thinking about an album sound too AJ. As much as I do enjoy the song and it is nice to have something different. I wouldn't want a whole album to be like that. Im also hoping if Will has an album recorded that this isn't the best song. Hopefully he's just released this because it could be popular and sound ok on radio.
  7. Get Lit

    It's been a long time since I bought a Will track. Mixed reviews on his Facebook. It's yet to chart on iTunes or Spotify. Either way, I'm just glad I have a new song. Lets hope It's just the beginning of some more music.
  8. I saw the second Independence Day a few months back and it was the biggest pile of pants ever. I have a feeling MIB4 will be similar if Will isn't involved.
  9. Is the sound quality a lot better then? I know on my current CD I have to turn the volume up loads. I'm not too bothered about remixes but I'd get it for better quality.
  10. Get Lit

    Most YouTube comments are horrible, plus millennials don't understand music. it makes me laugh that one article said the song was outdated but then a lot of comments say he should stick to his older type of music. He can't win.
  11. Aladdin - Will as Genie

    Damn so long to wait. I'm so excited for this one. Also I didn't realise they are filming just outside London.
  12. Did you get my order ok Brakes?
  13. We definitely need to buy these now for hopefully the next round of shows.
  14. This has made me so happy!!!! Firstly, I had such an amazing time, I really want the rest of the forum to experience it. Secondly, I was prepared that this would probably be the only time I'd see JJFP but would love more shows. The show was so amazing, I'm totally saving all my money to travel to come see you guys again. I've got the bug, I want to see them again. Im blown away by the reaction of Will, Jeff and the rest of you guys after these shows. I feel like it was just as much a special day for you as it was for us. I can't thank you again for the time you guys gave to us. I keep thinking back and looking at my pictures and smiling. You all did such an amazing job. It needs to be shared with the rest of the world!
  15. Aladdin - Will as Genie

    Haha I never thought of that. I'd assume not, and hope not. In my head he's gonna have a waistcoat on and a hat but he wouldn't be blue. I guess you can do whatever you want with a genie.