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  1. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Forum upgrade   

    I don't know if someone has done something, but it seems to be working now. Thanks!
  2. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Jeff and Will in Toronto..   

    This is the first time we've heard something new in like 10 years, finally it's not the willlywood  verse! He might be testing stuff out and seeing how people take it. I agree though, I wish they would give us a heads up if they are going to a club. I will travel and spend my money to see them. 
  3. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Forum upgrade   

    Is anyone else having problems with the view new content button since the upgrade? It just says "Something went wrong, please try again". I thought it was just on my ipad at first but it does the same on my computer.
  4. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: BACK TO BACK ID4 SEQUELS - WILL SMITH LOCKED?   

    I've always been against this movie, its a stupid idea and its not the type of film you can make a sequel to..... But since seeing all the old faces return apart from Will, i have just a tiny shred of disapointment. I really do hope it sucks now, if this turns out amazing and Wills not in it, im gonna be mad.
  5. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Will on new Kanye Album "So Help Me God"   

    Isn't four five seconds on rihannas album. Yeah I'm not going crazy over this, anyone can make stuff like that, but you never know.

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  1. 3cookies » Jazzy Julie

    Julie, I sent you a drink a coupla days a go on facebook.. have u drank it yet??? lol

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    you mailbox is too full. But I'm not 100 percent, I got the two words in the first half (not those first two letters though). I'm working on the second half.