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  1. Is the sound quality a lot better then? I know on my current CD I have to turn the volume up loads. I'm not too bothered about remixes but I'd get it for better quality.
  2. Get Lit

    Most YouTube comments are horrible, plus millennials don't understand music. it makes me laugh that one article said the song was outdated but then a lot of comments say he should stick to his older type of music. He can't win.
  3. Aladdin - Will as Genie

    Damn so long to wait. I'm so excited for this one. Also I didn't realise they are filming just outside London.
  4. Did you get my order ok Brakes?
  5. We definitely need to buy these now for hopefully the next round of shows.
  6. This has made me so happy!!!! Firstly, I had such an amazing time, I really want the rest of the forum to experience it. Secondly, I was prepared that this would probably be the only time I'd see JJFP but would love more shows. The show was so amazing, I'm totally saving all my money to travel to come see you guys again. I've got the bug, I want to see them again. Im blown away by the reaction of Will, Jeff and the rest of you guys after these shows. I feel like it was just as much a special day for you as it was for us. I can't thank you again for the time you guys gave to us. I keep thinking back and looking at my pictures and smiling. You all did such an amazing job. It needs to be shared with the rest of the world!
  7. Aladdin - Will as Genie

    Haha I never thought of that. I'd assume not, and hope not. In my head he's gonna have a waistcoat on and a hat but he wouldn't be blue. I guess you can do whatever you want with a genie.
  8. Ok if I've done this right, if you play that video, it should go onto the next song when it's finished. I'm missing the 2nd part of Nightmare and the 2nd part of I wanna rock. Other than that, it's pretty much the full concert.
  9. Get Lit

    The video is amazing! Makes me appreciate the song even more now. Plus more people can see what an incredible show JJFP can put on. its got mixed reviews but I'd still like Will to release it and see what happens. Whatever he does with it, we've got what we wanted, new music and even a video.
  10. Thanks. I'll go and check it out now.
  11. Yeah. I'll at least put the videos I've found on here. I'll get on a computer soon and do it.
  12. Collateral Beauty

    Haha I only saw this a few months ago myself. We are bad fans. I enjoyed it too, far from my favourite but it was worth the watch.
  13. Ive just been on YouTube finding the best videos of each song and putting them on a playlist so I have the whole concert. Just missing the 2nd half of nightmare and I wanna rock, so frustrating. Someone might still upload it.
  14. So don't wanna get anyone's hopes up but someone commented on a photo on Facebook that they need to bring the show to the USA and Nicole said "it's coming!"
  15. Get Lit

    I felt like this song needs it's own post so we can discuss it, I know there's mixed feelings. Video curtosy of Juan who got the best quality video of it on the net. So obviously my first time hearing it was an odd one, I was still in shock we were about to hear a brand new song live. At first I wasn't sure, it sounded different from his usual stuff. By the end of the song I was jumping up and down. I've since listened to it A LOT. It keeps growing on me and now I love it. I don't mind modern music unlike some some of you guys lol, so I'm bound to like it a bit more. I really hope it gets released, they made a good decision premiering it at this huge event to get the word out. Then if this comes out, does I mean there's a new album due?