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  1. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Your reviews of Focus   

    Come on guys, I can't be the only one that saw Focus this weekend. What are your thoughts?
    i enjoyed it more than I expected. It started off pretty fast, got straight into the storyline which is good, I hate faffing around in movies. It got really interesting with a great scene at a football game, then again the ending is fab and catches you off guard. Without spoiling it, as a viewer you feel like your getting conned constantly. 
    Will gets to be Will, he has his funny witty lines, Margot is really great too and the storyline is full of twists and turns. It's kinda like a con version of Hitch. It's not gonna be a huge blockbuster, but I think people will enjoy it.
  2. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Will Smith Performs “Summertime” On 'Kimmel' (With Surprise)   

    I heard Will and Margot say they don't start filming suicide squad until mid April , Jeff doesn't go on tour until April. That means March is free. And all these interviews have put pressure on him. It has to happen now.
  3. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Jeff from Philadelphia has a music related Question to Will Smith...   

    I love this, nice one Jeff.
  4. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Will Smith to Star in ‘Bounty’ for Paramount   

    I like the sound of this one, i'm far more interested in it than concussion.
  5. Jazzy Julie added a post in a topic: Will Smith on 'Top Gear'   

    This was brilliant. I've never seen top gear before because I hate Jeremy Clarkson and I don't care about cars but I really enjoyed this. Will seemed to turn up in a really good mood and had so much energy. In my opinion Jeremy didn't give the greatest interview but because Will was on fire it worked. Will even made a race joke which made me cringe and laugh a bit because Jeremy has got I to trouble for saying racist rhymes. 
    If you get the chance to watch this you should. 

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    Julie, I sent you a drink a coupla days a go on facebook.. have u drank it yet??? lol

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    you mailbox is too full. But I'm not 100 percent, I got the two words in the first half (not those first two letters though). I'm working on the second half.