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  1. I came across this "I Am Legend" re-edit short. It's a pretend trailer for a live-action movie of a video game called "Tokyo Jungle". In case you're wondering, the game is an old-school style scrolling "beat 'em up" like "Double Dragon", but it's with animals instead of people, with GTA style mission challenges & some RPG elements. The game's scenery & situation is similar to I Am Legend. This trailer is basically a few minutes of "I Am Legend", but it has a slightly different feel & it's like watching Will Smith in a somewhat new adventure. I just had to show you guys. The vid is divided into 3 parts, here's a link to the playlist. When U watch, keep in mind it's supposed to be Tokyo, not NYC, lol: Video Trailer Playlist When U see the green arrow at the end of a vid, just nudge the player slider to the right, to play the next vid. There's 2 real Tokyo Jungle commercials in the list if you wanna see what the game looks like & there's 1 more pretend trailer without Will Smith.