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  1. Jump On It

  2. Happy Easter 2017 JJFP.com fam!

    Same wise!!
  3. Movement on Bad Boys III

    Who is going to direct though?
  4. Movement on Bad Boys III

    Bad Boys 3 pushed back nearly a year, Hotel Transylvania 3 brought forward http://www.thehollywoodnews.com/2017/02/07/bad-boys-3-pushed-back-nearly-year-hotel-transylvania-3-brought-forward/
  5. A Rap I Wrote For LL Cool J's Birthday

    No problem fam
  6. Have a blessed holiday and a happy new year, JJFPcom fam
  7. Collateral Beauty

    Despite all the negative reviews, I really did enjoy the movie.
  8. Jada/Fam/Misc

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Smith, Sr.
  9. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Young Thug - Power The beat goes bananas on this jam

    My thoughts are with you, fam
  11. Collateral Beauty

    This feels like a heartfelt movie
  12. Collateral Beauty

    The trailer be dropping this Friday http://digitalcinema.bydeluxe.com/site/dlxportal/docs/TrailMix_by_Deluxe_-_WK_37_US.pdf