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  1. First ta flow
    And you was about to think it was all a no-go
    Four rappers lacking four flows
    It's bad ju-ju like the pecking crows
    Listen up though, this ain't gonna be like last time
    I wanna see a real free rhyme
    Cause it's Saturday and I'm pressed on time
    You've had forever, let's hope that it's somethin sublime
    Oh, there I go
    I think I just implied
    That when you called it a "Freestyle", you lied
    Not only was it not free, but it also lacked style
    I thought you just picked up 30 lines
    And stuck it in a pile
    Of what? Well only you know
    And the judges will decide the or-i-gi-nality of yo flow
    But since yo going second it's like you're a passenger and you just stoe
    Away, on my ship
    Full of all the things that make your lines seem CRIPP
    ...lllled, last time I gotta 21 but that's no mo
    I'm makin all the judges scream "THREE OH OHHHHH!"
    Know? I'm not hear to battle the snuggle hard
    Or the guy who pretends he's a jail ward
    I'll end this this short and sweet
    While you're on the net they might call you the "leet"
    But when it comes to my concert time
    You'll be first in line for the seat

    God Blessa!

  2. You feel me?
    Yo listen close
    Don't steal from me
    This ain't like a caption contest
    And this ain't a place for a birdie to nest
    Know whata I mean?
    That means stop stallin
    You take too long and rhyme still ain't ballin
    Oooh Ooooh!
    Oh that's ya moms callin
    You signed up thinkin you was gonna brag to the world
    But once yo mouth opened
    The whole world hurled
    It's time to go
    Time to bring out the big guns
    That's the sound of the coward's run
    But don't get mad
    They don't know I do this for fun
    Whoa dang
    I didn't know you ran too
    While you're back at your home
    Send me a postcard from the zoo
    I said you can't run forever
    And you said "Do the Dew!"
    Like you're hard to your own degree
    And it's freezin
    It's just everytime your mouth opens
    The whole world's sleepin

    God Blessa!