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  1. Silver Tiger

    I made an animated cartoon

    Muchos gracias. (That means "Thanks for watching" in Spanish)
  2. Silver Tiger

    LL Cool J Talks Working On New Album

    Cool, hopefully he avoids wack collabs with this one.
  3. Silver Tiger

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing

    She escaped! I like a lot of Tom Cruise's movies but I have pretty much zero respect for the church of Scientology and how they treat people. Katie Holme's career tanked after she married Tom. I can't help but think he had a part in that. She went from Batman Begins to Jack and Jill. This is good news, in my opinion.
  4. Silver Tiger

    I made an animated cartoon

    Thanks guys! Yeah, Brakes. I animated the entire thing. It took a long time to put together, really.
  5. Silver Tiger

    Ability featuring Josephine (NEW BRAKES TRACK)

    Dope song and video, Brakes! What did you use to put the video together?
  6. Silver Tiger

    So I need some facebook help too...

    We here at LaserLemming.com are just happy to have you now!
  7. Silver Tiger

    Skillz announces his retirement as a solo artist

    Hmm... bummer... His lack of excitement for his own music kind of has me worried about the next album. I'll probably still check it out though.
  8. Silver Tiger

    I want another Audio Battle!

    This is an explosion of people interested! Hurry up and sign up before we run out of room!
  9. Silver Tiger

    I want another Audio Battle!

    Dammit! I was searching through the old battles and they were a lot of fun for those of us involved. I think it would spark some much needed interest in the board as well. It would be great if we could invite some of the members that participated in the past that stopped posting (Concept, Luigi, Joe, even Lerk). Anyone else down for this?
  10. Silver Tiger

    So I need some facebook help too...

    Well thanks (again) Turn. It's nice being back at the top with 31 Likes. I feel like I control the media now.
  11. Silver Tiger

    My New Hobby

    I hit Like! My LaserLemming.com FB page is sitting exactly at 30 (some sunuvagun unliked it). It's scary. I need more likes! Looking forward to the tape! When do we get to hear the other mixtape?
  12. Silver Tiger

    Caleb and I Playing

    Nice job on making Caleb, Brakes. He is a natural-born leader. I don't think Julie even knows I exist anymore.
  13. Silver Tiger

    Roommate- New Comedy Sketch I'm in

    Thanks Schnazz!
  14. I filmed this probably 2 months ago and now it's finally been finished. It's special because I'm not alone in this video. Hope you guys like it.
  15. Hmm... it's not gonna be playing to as wide of an audience but I'm sort of curious about seeing him on air again.
  16. Silver Tiger

    A New Video I've Made

    LOL, pretty good Brakes. One of the best parts is when he said "I like black people."
  17. Silver Tiger

    Canibus vs Dizaster

    He's actually looking a lot like Ray Charles these days...
  18. Silver Tiger

    Who is Kel Spencer?

    Kel said that to me probably almost 2 years ago. I would hope he thinks differently now. At least put out some mixtapes or something. I think he's more focused with his other programs now.
  19. Silver Tiger

    Canibus vs Dizaster

    Wow... that was hard to watch after Dizaster first started. Canibus just isn't cut out to run with that crowd these days. The cast on his arm wasn't helping the old man image either. He should have never agreed to do this.
  20. Silver Tiger

    I made another video

    I see what you did there!
  21. Silver Tiger

    I made another video

    And it's all about shameless self-promotion!
  22. Silver Tiger

    I made another video

    Yeah, it takes a lot of time to do, actually. I've got another video that's supposed to be coming out that was a collaboration, but the guy that's been editing it has been sitting on it for way too long. It's a shame too because I think it's really funny. I'm gonna send him a message right now...
  23. Silver Tiger

    I made another video

    Thanks guys!
  24. Silver Tiger

    I made another video

    The only kind worth doing, at least!
  25. Silver Tiger

    Summertime 'The Mixtape' Vol 3

    Listening to the intro now... I just realized, could this be what Jeff was talking about when he posted that picture of him and Will?