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  1. High IQ

    NBA News..

    just was very excited with all those rumors about KG coming to LA, os I made this one
  2. High IQ


    I added all of you guys. here's my page
  3. High IQ


    uh ok. mods feel free to lock this one
  4. High IQ


    so do you use myspace.com? check my page out, I wanted it to look like clublakers.com www.myspace.com/fridman add me if you want to
  5. High IQ

    "Our Way" - KBF

    very good song. I really like it. hope to see some new stuff from you :speaker1:
  6. High IQ

    Answer And Question

    girlfriend Michael Vick or Terrell Owens?
  7. High IQ

    Faces Behind The Posts II

    it's my physics test. if you can read russian you can actually read my real name there.... kbfprince, post your pic :gettinjiggywitit:
  8. High IQ

    Answer And Question

    Jeans Duncan or Garnett?
  9. High IQ

    I'm new here

    so.. I'm 16, I live in Latvia, I'm a student, also I am a Lakers fan :yeah: :shrug: that's basically all info about me :worried:
  10. High IQ

    NBA News..

    GO LAKERS!!! yeah, heat has alot of great players, but I think they will have some problems with putting them together. too many egos on 1 team :noooo:
  11. High IQ

    Faces Behind The Posts II

    yup, that's me :shrug:
  12. High IQ

    Answer And Question

    Lebrons Air Force One or Adidas Superstar shoes?
  13. High IQ

    Answer And Question

    cereal tea or coffee?
  14. High IQ

    Answer And Question

    anyway... LL Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg?
  15. High IQ

    Answer And Question

    Jigga MC Hammer or Sir-Mix-Alot?